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Not sure where to go

Hi, I am new to the group. Having been suffering with chronic pain for three/four years now and seemingly getting nowhere except being prescribed more and more pain killers and neuropathic drugs; I'm beginning to research conditions and seem to have a great number of symptoms of Fibromyalgia. It appears that many G.P.s do not have a great deal of understanding of this and wondered how to approach my own as surely if they have not mentioned it, either they do not think it is relevant or do not understand it?

Any thoughts welcomed. (Ive had TENS, steroid injections, acupuncture physio etc and currently take Gapapentin, Tramadol and Codeine/Paracetamol.)

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Hi Gary,

I am glad you found us. Pain in any fashion is so hard to live and I am sory you have to experience at all. do you feel like your GP is really helping you? I found living with chronic pain takes medication and lifestyle changes. Nucynta is a great new medication out with very little to no side effects. Music therapy, cupping with massage, aroma therapy helps on a daily basis. Really breaking down my nutrition helps as well. If you woul like guidance with that I would more than happy to help; that is my background.

Keep pushing. I hope for some relief for you.


Hi Gary

You have come to the right place. Gp's are rubbish when discussing fibromyalgia because they do not understand it. Google every fibromyalgia website you can and you will find out that minerals and vitamins can help reduce your symptoms in halve. If you can also look through some of the help on here that people have given me just from me writing my life in my profile, I think a lot of your questions will be answered.

Ive only been here a few weeks but takin the advice of the lovely people on here and getting started on some of the vitamins have helped me greatly. I think if you click on my name you will find all of my replies, there will be help and things you can try.

Unfortunately I've had to stop taking my vitamins from last Wednesday because of a pending operation I'm having next Friday but as soon as I'm home from hospital I will be back on all my vitamins. They do help. People with fibro are usually very low in vitamins. Try to look up Victoria1000 and derk28 (I think). They have helped me greatly

Sarah xx

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Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia is a symptom of Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and also Vitamin B12 deficiency or you can have both together.

Some fibromyalgia is not curable, though some fibros can get overlooked/missed out/undetected by unreliable Thyroid or vitamin B12 blood tests, sadly. So those Fibromyalgias who might have had a chance of getting well, miss their chance.

Thyroid Uk has a list of all bloods needed to get a full picture.

My Fibromyalgia was cured overnight once I was optimally medicated with thyroid medication, all my pains fell away, though Drs. are not good at medicating patients either, many complain about being under medicated, so find it difficult to get well again. I had to push my Dr. to 'up' my medication several times, other wise I would still have fibro all over pains and still be classed as a Fibro sufferer.

Also your Vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron , ferritin and folate blood levels all need to be optimized too.

Forum sites with more information are 'Thyroid Uk' here on Health Unlocked also 'PAS Pernicious Anemia' which is also for B12 Deficiency.

Also STTM Stop the Thyroid Madness is an American website (The title says it all) Again too many patients being missed or under treated, or worse still told they are depressed and put on depression pills, or pain killers, not a good start if you do have Low thyroid or B12 Deficency.

In UK and in Europe they have lowered their thyroid bloods and more patients are 'spotted.' but NOT here in UK sadly.

Ask for a printout of any of your bloods done and their ranges and pop them up on Thyroid Uk for members to help you forward. I always ask for a printout as many now do.


Would you mind sharing your core complaints and history?


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