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Hi is anybody on this page who is taking tapentadol? I'm about to start it with some doubt in my mind but my pain is getting so I can no longer control it at home plus having a slight bad experience with it in hospital a few months ago.......but there pain management team have studied my meds that I'm on now and told me how to do this the proper way ( hospital way a no no )just what experiences have you had and any weight gain if so how much roughly ( in stones and pounds I'm old school) only already put some weight on due to my activity level a lot lower,but I need this pain manageable so I can have some life I'm only 54 and feel a lot older :( thanks everyone looking forward to you inputs 

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I am.on it and I am 36 I can't hardly get around I take 200mg twice a day. It's not working anymore for me. I have asked the doctor to.change my 12 hour tablet as ive been on it almost 3 yrs.  Yes it puts weight on I have 3 stone on me and with not being able to exercise it's a vicious circle. I also take several tablets 4 times a day. I have osteopenia I have asked my doctor repeatedly for an mri scan as my last one was 2010 he kept putting me off then he told me ur only allowed one on nhs. So I had to get a loan for 400 quid to get the scan done. My back is in a mess. I was so glad to get the results as my doctor kept saying to me anytime I was in with him in agony that he cudnt do anything for me. Then accused me of looking for tablets constantly. I have no life I can't run abt or play games with the kids, we don't go anywhere any more. Good luck with the tapentadol x


I found no difference on 50mg x 2 but 100mg did help for a while very noticeably and is now just taking the edge off. I get no side effects, wooziness nor withdrawal when I stopped during illness with flu. I recommend it but GPs are often scared of it and I don't think they'll let me go to 200mg which seems to be the maintenance dose. I had a similar experience with butrans patches and came off as I could go up. 

Anna - I'm a similar age and have two kids - 4 and 6. It's so tough and you sound worse than me (I had a large disc herniation post pregnancy and was ignored for a couple of years so after surgery there is nerve damage causing pain and weakness). The kids do miss out as well as I do. Have you looked into pain management courses yet? It's like giving up but this is my next option and I'm trying to be positive. Although not easy with childcare to sort. I hope you have support. 


I do and in the beginning the placebo affect,( with them being different to anti- inflammatoryies) kept me ok, but when you take them with others , like say Pregabalin, then I say it works for me, but do not know which one is the most important, I'm on 150 twice a day and 300mls of pregabalin also 10mls of Methadone, which to me helps, but if I had my way I would have kept my 55mls of Methadone,(as that was good enough , but it only lasts an hour or so) but it has so many Home office regulations for doctors, so reduced it to 10, and upped the Tapentadol to 150 twice a day , but it's a controlled drug ,though not it seems in the category of Methadone, so your asking about Tapentadol , well unless you find someone that only uses it on it's own it's almost impossible to give any real  data as to it's benefit for pain, I don't know if this helped you in any way, best wishes Alex 


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