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The Brain, and Pain Control

We have all dealt with that old chestnut, Oh it's all in your mind, as much from those professionals in the NHS as the general population's belief that you can't possibly be in that much pain as why can you do that, (whatever it is you did that you were seen doing) But we have watched a player writhing in agony ,but when a ball comes to him he will run for it, until he passes it then he will lie down again back to the pain, but that is how the brain focuses on the most important and delegates.

I myself have lived with that , like all people coping and managing pain, and it's as old as the hills, and I see it raising it's head again and again in the minds and on the faces of those around me, and again and again it is basic psychology at work and it is usually baffling to those faces and minds struggling to understand (those that care) and it means lies to those that don't care.

Because the side effects of some of the most popular pain meds can be (I think deadly ) because not enough is known about the nervous system to go switching off so many of the most important signals that each organ may rely on, in their own unique way (or maybe not) but I bet that chemical signals needed to send out specific healing properties to each organ, is being very much hindered by these cosh type of drugs, I know from my own point of view of just how quickly organs can be affected by them, as opposed to the socially bad-name types, and I've been wondering that just not enough research is being done into the psychological going's on in the brain around pain receptors.

Or is it acceptable to just label someone with chronic pain because the NHS deems you past your sell by date..full stop. But I think there is a lot to be learnt, by Just what is going on in the mind and body of that player being able to switch off that pain during those few minutes, or maybe I have too much time on my hands now..ah well.

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My grandaughter has been written off at mere 17yrs old because she has sustained a neuroma thanks to section of wood falling on her head 2.5 years ago

She is in horrendous pain 24/7 which nothing touches and many of the mind bending drugs turn her into a zombie

She cant sleep even with sleeping tablets and theres not one single ounce of help from the medics

Her life is in total ruins thanks to downright negligence on behalf of the companies premises where the injury occured


You say: "We have all dealt with that old chestnut, Oh it's all in your mind..."

There is truth in this, the mind is composed of the brain and all its multi-different functionings. There is a confusion between the conscious and the sub concious as to what mind is. There has been a lot of lying by eminant psychologists and psychiatrist on this subject as they worked in a psychopathic way to make money from who ever would pay them. The cost has been a lot of damage to patients with a health disability.

“Cracked” ISBN: 9781848315563 a book written by James Davies Senior Lecturer Social Anthropology and Psychotherapy at The University of Roehampton (London UK) details some of the misleading and dishonest research results that have been presented in Professional Journals and conferences by psychiatrists.

“Bad Pharma” ISBN 978-0-00-735074-2 a book written by Ben Goldacre in 2012 details how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients.

In the 6th September 2014 New Scientist there was an article which referred to Diederik Stapel who in 2011 admitted to inventing the data in dozens of psychology research papers.. The New Scientist referred to 24 of Stapel's papers which are known to be fraudulent. The New Scientist in previous editions has referred to Fraudulent results in Scientific papers by other Authors. This does raise the question how accurate is the knowledge that the medical practitioner is using to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

The muscle functioning is controlled by the brain and spinal cord. It is influenced by the concious and this influence can cause the muscle control to malfunction. The brain also is a creature of habit in the way it works the muscle. Sometimes something happens physical trauma or mental stress which throws the muscle control onto a different way of working. This in turn can be damaging to the body as the new muscle habit becomes ingrained.

There is a saying in the New Testament which is very true: "It is easier to see the speck of dust in someelses eye than the plank in your own". Hence the need to get someone skilled to show you how you are misusing the way you use your muscles.

Work has been shown that the vagus nerve which has inputs from the brain has a great deal of influence on the immune system. There are neurologists in the States which are using pace makers attached to the vagus nerve to treat certain immune disorders.

Meditation_A_Way_of_Awakening_-_Ajahn_Sucitto.pdf is a free download which you will hopefully find helpful. It provides the tools to investigate yourself. On of the things with pain and discomfort is we can add another stress layer on top which makes it worse.

However, the way the medical profession have used the phrase its all in the mind has been as a tool to cover up their ignorance and beat up the patient by blaming the patient for the medical profession's ignorance.

One purpose for a psychiatrist before Dr Shipman was to cover up the incompetence of the doctor.

Hope this has been useful.


Sorry I never replied sooner...You say interesting things around the muscles and the memory and I will look on Amazon for that book .

I agree with you about research is not as Honest as it once was, but when Health is turned into a business the charlatans will always find a way to float to the top and their voices will out, due to the money involved and the greasy pole. best Alex


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