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I wrote a post yesterday entitled Chronic Pain and it has been removed without explaination even though it complied with community guidelines.

I find this kind of censorship offensive in forums like this because it means that it does support freedom of speech and it isn't impartial. If it's not interested in providing sucess stories to resolving pain then it just becomes a place to winge and moan which isn't very helpful.

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Don't take it personally. It isn't the admin from the forum removing it. HU themselves have had techink problems and posts just don't appear.

You haven't been censored...admin will only remove something if it has been reported.

So....can you post it again? I am curious now to what you said.

Pat x

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I have never had this happen, however, I have seen other posts on here complaining in the manner you have. I think HU and/or its administrators could at least exercise the courtesy of sending you a private email saying why they are doing it and giving you the chance to edit your post and repost. If they don't they are not helping you and they are depriving a reader of the opportunity to learn something.



HU and forum admin are 2 totally seperate groups. As I said admin on this forum would never delete any post without someone reporting first. Therefore it must show up in order for it to be reorted.

It is technic with HU and any complaint should be sent straight to them not our hard working Pain Concern volunteers who also suffer chronic pain


Hi Paton,

Thank you for your kind words.

You can read the mentioned post on the Action for Pain forum.

Kind regards,

PC Admin

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Hi Bexcd,

Is this the post you are referring to:

If so then it is published on HU, but on the 'Action on Pain' forum, not the 'Pain Concern forum'.

Kind regards,

Pain Concern Admin


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