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Spine issues, post surgery, nerve pain

Has anyone had spine surgery at t12 l1 or L2-L3. I would like to hear from you. Or who has has spinal fusion and can share their experiences, recovery process and tips. I'm 7 months post op from major back surgery at those levels with fusion at T12-L1. I'm have new nerve pain in my feet and legs, especially left side. I'm upset gor having the surgery and concerned about future outlook. I'm a healthy 48 year old male. I guess I had a bad back due to genetics, mild scoliosis as a teenager and probably poor decisions such as weight lifting, shiatsu massage and chiropractic treatments off and on. Thanks


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Hi i have had surgery on L5 and S 1 what did you want too know hope I can be helpful.....T


Im struggling with nerve pain in my legs and feet post surgery. It's been almost 7 months. I did not have this pain prior to surgery. I'm very concerned


Hi Jtal19305

This is a very hard question to answer. Many people on this forum have nerve pain, still, or that's new, post surgery like yours.

It is a relatively short period of time since such major surgery and as that area of your body really, really objects to being 'touched' either by surgeon's hands, injury/trauma or something within its own structure, ie, a bulging or prolapsed disc, it complains massively!!

The fact however, that you say it's a new pain may suggest that there's something else 'going on' in there.

It could be a vast number of things so although you should be wary of it, don't be overly concerned yet. Make an appointment to see your GP and explain your symptoms - it may be appropriate to see a physio, your orthopaedic surgeon or a neurologist. It depends on how thorough your GP is with an examination (if any) as to where he/she sends you next.

Unfortunately, as you've probably already read on this site, many people have been left with permanent symptoms like yours but we/they shouldn't be seen as your future just yet.

Try to relax (I know, a little condescending & very hard to do!), get your appointment made and take it from there.

If you get sudden weakness and numbness in your legs and groin area with any incontinence then you need urgent assessment in hospital as this could be something on another level so please be aware of that. I expect you may know all this as you've had dealings with 'all things spine' before though!

Keep us updated.


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Thank you. I feel a little better. I have appointment with a highly rated neurosurgeon soon so I will update the group here then. I will be patient and try not to worry too much.

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