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Last night I was so tired from going to CAB and getting them to fill in form. Today is going to be as relaxed.😊

Unfortunately not pain free, can feel the stabbing pains even after taking my pain meds.

Forgot to add DWP the "caring" people sent me a reminder that I haven't returned my application PIP form. So much for having 4 weeks to complete and return. Took them 2 weeks to send it to me, so only left 2 weeks for completion. I can confirm that CAB have worked miracles in completing the document and have posted it

Hugs to all

Liz x

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Yeah, same happened with me from PIP! Mine has gone now too, so praying hard for both of us and others that are waiting to hear their outcome from PIP!

Good luck. Xx

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Wishing a good outcome. Next stage will be an F2F...I will be taking my representative and my daughters with me.


What's an F2F?



Sorry! Face to face! Lol





Good luck to you both lol I didn't know what F2F meant either .

All the best

Peggy 💐


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