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Radio 4 (or 5?) programme before xmas about chronic pain?

Hi, I'm trying to track down a radio programme that my mum heard but I don't have much to go on and wondered if anyone remembered hearing it? It was probably on radio 4 (but possibly radio 5) and was around the week before christmas, most likely daytime (rather than eve). There was a man talking about managing his chronic pain (in his back as a result of an operation) and they covered opioid medication. I've trawled through the radio schedules and even emailed the radio station but can't track it down. If you heard it any other tips to track the podcast or transcript down would be great (even if it's just you heard it and you never listen to radio 5 so it must be radio 4!). Many many thanks

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Have you searched on Google? Some radio programmes on chronic pain turn up there.

Just had another thought. Do you know anyone who has the Radio times magazine and doesn't throw them away straight away. Or could you get in touch with Radio times to see if they could send you a back copy or a way to find out about the programme.


Have you tried you tube? Most radio stations keep a session live for a week online then move on to the next topic . Radio stations are reluctant to give a copy of an airing.

Trawl the internet if you haven't already done so it should be there. Anything uploaded to Internet will always be there even if it's deleted from the original source hence the reason all social media sites are always active even when deleted .

Good luck


Thank you both for your suggestions. I don't think I'm going to be able to track this one down unfortunately...and if my mum wasn't so specific (& reliable) I would swear she imagined it! I am pretty internet and research savvy & have trawled endlessly thro the actual radio schedules for that week, the station websites etc etc. I can only think it was a small item on some kind of general 'topical' programme and therefore it's not specifically listed on the schedule as chronic pain so short of listening to every single programme I'm not going to find it. I've begun to accept however interesting and useful it was I'm not going to hear it!! Such is life, but thank you anyway.


Auh that's such a shame I'll keep a look out my hubby is a computer geek I'll ask for his help if I come up with something I'll let you know , I would like to hear it


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