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Hamstring Strain

About a month ago I pulled my hamstring during flexibility training for dance, right when I was doing the splits on my right leg. I heard a pop and initial pain occured, I could still walk but with a very slight limp but flexibility was limited. I did the RICE exercise for the next couple of days and then went into doing slight exercises and it felt good but I knew it was not solely healed. I did a dance show 5 days after the injury, which i know wasn't wise but i was too adamant! This brought the pain back again but it wasn't extensive. I noticed a very slight but dark bruising on my hamstring 3 days after this, but that soon went.

Everything was ok, I was doing gradual exercises to improve strength and flexibility, but in the past couple of days i've noticed the pain again. Nothing like what it was, but i can just notice it there. It doesn't limit me from doing anything but i'm scared if i push anything too far it will go again.

Does anyone have any advice?

I know it sounds stupid but I have dance competitions in February and I just don't want to be told that I can't compete, so i'm really hoping for some positive advice! But everything is welcome. Thank you.

Also, I am 20, female, and a regular gym goer and dancer.

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Firstly, it sounds like you've had a tear in your hamstring and depending on whether it's a grade 1, 2 or 3 will determine the healing time as well as the amount of damage. It needs time to heal and treatment otherwise you're looking at longer term problems and possibly not competing again if you don't take it easy & ignore the problem.

The problem with the hamstring is that it feels ok even after a short time after injury. This is because it has other supporting muscles to help when your leg is active or being stretched. With a tear it can feel like everything is ok even after a short time.

For you to see a bruise or haematoma means that there was definitely damage to the muscles and a tear! Basically, refrain from doing work on it until you have seen a physio or gp to get a referal to see a physio. If you don't you could do even more damage to the area and risk not being able to compete any more! This may sound a bit harsh but believe me I've seen it happen as I am a retired physio!


Hey Holly,

I totally understand your heisitation. Two peices of equipment that you will need: a foam roll and a Tigar Tail. Everyone should be foam rolling before all exercise to realse facia and properly ustilize their muscles. The Tigar Tail (google; you can get this anywhere) you will roll over your hamstring before and after your workouts/dance. Make sure to do dynamic stretching prior to all exercise and dance. NO static streching. After you are done and do strech, do not push it. Your flexibility will come back. Small steps every day are better then 5 steps back.

Continue to massage and ice your hamtring. Goal here is to prevent scar tissue and lower inflamation.

Good luck!



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