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Following an ankle fusion in September, which did not go to plan due to infection. I have been in non weight bearing plaster for 4 months, put on a bit of weight and increased problems in my hip, knee and back due to putting all the weight on one side for so long. I am hoping to have the plaster taken off tomorrow and will be undergoing at least 4 -6 weeks physio to rebuild the muscle and strengthen the foot. Taking this into account I will be starting the NHS 12 week plan today and am looking to hearing from anyone who has already done this or is currently on it to swap tips etc

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Hi Carol_M :) What a quandry you are in. Stick to your Medical Authority Plan and everything will come right - eventually. That's what I had to keep telling myself (even when I didn't believe it) and it did. The weight gain is scary and as you know causes unbelievable side effects. Not all the weight gain is in your control, maybe none of it. When the injury has healed, you can deal with the weight gain then :( Do little things for yourself now, like drinking more water, silly as it sounds, this will help. You poor lady, sorry, I'm not of much help. Just know how sad and alone you must feel. Don't give up or in, you can turn this situation around. I'll pray for you. xo

I haven't done it but know of people who have with great success but everyone is so different but wish you luck & wait to hear how you get on .

Peggy x💐💐💐

Good luck sure it will be successful let us know how you get on

Peggy x🌹🌹

Sorry girls I'm repeating myself must be bedtime lol

Good health & peacful painfree as much as possible week to one & all

Peggy x⭐️🌹⭐️

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