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Chest Pain for three months- had the tests, all negative?

So I have had pretty painful chest pain and shortness of breath, as well as it being increasing hard to exercise- getting sweatier, getting out of breath quicker, etc. I went to the doc and was diagnosed with costochondritis, even though my pain was more dull and aching pressure than the sharp pain the costochondritis leaflet described. I took advil almost everyday and I was in pain almost constantly. It started to fade a bit, and then just recently I went on a plane trip- on the way over I completely fine, but on the way back my chest began to intensely ache on the left and right sides, and I felt very dizzy- the airport was spinning and I could feel my head throbbing. It was not fun. When I got home I slept and the headache went away, but the chest pain woke me up in the night and has gotten increasingly worse. I went to the doctors yesterday and got an ECG, Chest Xray, and had my blood pressure checked standing, and sitting. My urine was tested for the dizziness, to check if I was dehydrated. Everything came back clear, except an innocent heart murmur that I was born with. The doctor gave me an inhaler, and told me to take magnesium baths, as it could be magnesium deficiency. I just got a really intense wave of the pain and a weird heart beat- I don't know how to describe it, it felt like louder, or something. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Is there any chance at all that the tests missed something? My voice has been getting hoarser, and I have a small cough, if that is important. I'm a fourteen year old girl, 5'7, normal weight. Thanks anyone who answers, I'm pretty worried. Sorry it's so long. Also one last question, could the heart murmur be more serious than it seems? They said a cardiologist looked at the xray and said everything looked good, ECG was good too.

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Did anyone bother to check ferritin and other aneamia markers

Shortness of breath can be low ferritin or aneamia

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I agree as I was exercise intolerant ,sweating when not even walking.I had many other symptons extreme fatigue, bad headaches,ringing in ears, pins & needles in hands ,anxiety,tremors,neck,shoulder,back pain.I saw 15 drs to no avail had cardio tests,2 brain & thyroid scans all clear.6 mths later I saw holistic dr in 2 visits he diagnosed Vit B12 deficiency with genetic mutation MTHFR.You require serum & active b12 .folate .ferritin, iron, VIT D, homocysteine, MMA tests. Both my hubby & I were missed diagnosed as our B12 levels were in normal range. Obtain a copy of Could it be B12? by Sally Pacholok.


Dr Chandry has given talks to Pernicous Anaemia society for exacrly the same reasons ....................failure to diagnose PA and B12 deficiency which also masks as Hypothyro


We really can't give medical advice on this site and the site is intended for adults ..... I think you need to talk more about your worries with your parents or a teacher at school. All your tests are coming back ok so that is good.

I am wondering if the issues relate to stress or anxiety. They can produce some of the symptoms you describe.


I have this as well and it can be incredibly painful. It feels like a heart attack when it happens and is scary. I was lucky in one way that it happened in front of my Doctor so he was able to see what was happening.

I wonder if you're also having panic attacks on top of this, I get them and they can be frightening as well.

I'm 48 years ild and I will admit to being overweight.

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Hi, You posted a couple of days ago, I hope you are feeling better. There are so many things that can cause your symptoms, it can be frustrating trying to find which one is your trigger. Adding in your age creates some extra issues to rule out. Hormones out of control can cause weird issues at any age. DON'T let them say it is all because you are a teenager. It is the doctor's job to rule out any teenage medical issues as they treat you. If you are a female be ready to deal with the "hormone" excuse forever. If it is not PMS then its is Menopausal to many doctors. My infected appendix was ruled as just stress by 5 doctors before a 6th one realized I needed emergency surgery for a bad appendix.

I hope they are doing blood work. If your magnesium is down you need to be taking it. If you have chosen not to eat meat, or have reduced your protein intake a lot, you could be deficient in B-12. That is very common for vegetarians and people who are so busy they stop eating a balanced diet. You do not want too much or too little of B-12. They should do test on this. It does cause fatigue, pain, etc. There was a man at my daughter's church who had been going to doctors for over a year with no answers and he was getting worse. I had donated a box of vitamins and he took the B-12. Within 48 hours his pain and fatigue were gone. Sometimes doctors do not look at the basics, like what are you eating.

Chest and lung pain can be brought on by stress. Maybe worrying that you have something very wrong medically is the trigger. You may be correct but if you let stress get in the middle of it, your pain and breathing issues could get worse. Look up meditation through guided imagery. Especially the ones that include breathing exercises. If you create a pain diary to log how you are feeling, when the pain hits, are there any common triggers, include the food you eat and when you eat it. In doing this create a schedule for your food and your exercise daily it might help you track your symptoms. If you are female include the premenstrual symptoms as well. Include and after. All of info combined should help your doctors see any patters that may help direct them to a faster diagnosis.

I wish you well and pray they listen and find answers for you soon. Remember that having 2 heads is better than one. It would be good if at least one of your parents is involved and on your side. They may see triggers that you miss.

Best wishes.


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