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Hy everyone...I have just had an Angiogram everything went fine, anyway cut a long story short, my backside and groin area is very itchy and driving me crazy. Now i dont know if its something they gave me or i suspect the paper pants they get you to wear as the 2 areas match each other, has anyone else had a problem with these pants? Ive had trouble before with the bedding, must be something they use to clean the sheets, i kept contact to a minimum apart from the pants. Please help before i go ccccrazy arrrrrrgh.

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Probably an allergy to chemicals in the paper. Cool the itchy areas with damp cloths, put on some nappy cream.


Gosh, I was not given anything to wear at all when I had my was a horrible experience in many ways and compounded by the fact that I was stark naked for an hour !

Sounds daft, but you could also be allergic to something they use that enters you internally and that area ( groin especially being the entry point if you had a lower body angiogram as I did ) is highly sensitive.

Can you take anti histamine ? Something like piriton or Benadryl ? Obviously speak to your Dr if you have any concerns.

I had a lot of irritation from mine but I am allergic to metal so I was pumped full of anti histamine first but it wasn't enough !

I also had a kidney/bladder/ full urinary tract infection from the experience......either through internal irritation from the dye or a dirty catheter. My consultant was not happy....

I would speak to your Dr but perhaps an anti histamine and/or some cream they can advise might help. But the latter might not be necessary if the itching is helped by an oral anti histamine.

I wish you luck.


I found I was allergic to Iodine when I had my Angiogram?

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It is the Iodine Dye that they use, take some piriton and it should go away. Plus drink loads of water to flush the dye through your system. If you have another angio tell them and they will give you Piriton before the dye in the i.v. I have had a load of angio's done and it happened on the 1st one but one I told them and they gave Piriton before the procedure everyone has been ok.

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