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Ulner nerve pain

Hi there, does anyone on here have any success stories with there ulner nerve transposition, I have severe right elbow arthritis and have had 3 bone spur removals to try and increase range of motion , none of them successful but the arthritis is so bad it has impeded on the nerve , I've had it released and moved but the pain and discomfort of both conditions is getting me down , meds at moment include 200 mg zomorph , 2700 gabapentin , 20 mg nortryptylene and 60 mg duloxatine , I'm also struggling to function due to the drowsiness of these meds ???

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I had my left elbow ulna nerve released and transferred at the same time I had my left corporal tunnel done as well. After a week or two and dressings removed it still felt painful and sore but the pain about twenty per cent o what it was before. Two years later I am relatively pain free but get a tired numb feeling about now from holding my iPad up to type this paragraph.

Slight rest! But the movement and lack of pain is incredible. I was lucky enough to see a surgeon Colonel who spends six months here six months in the Middle East and his speciality is limbs blown off our poor soldiers and locals. I am luck to be mainly pain free but I take tramadol, MST and oramorph for breakthrough pain for whole of fibro condition. So yes I'm glad to have it done though nervous and it has worked out well for me



I had an ulnar nerve transposition done in 2008 following a road traffic accident. Sadly it failed as the surgeon didn't anchor it under the muscle so now the nerve jumps over the ulnar bone as I bend or straighten the arm. Not good! After the op I did get relief but now I am losing the use of left hand and if I try to do intricate things, or use my hand for longer than a few minutes, it goes into spasm, like cramp in the top and fingers claw up. I think if the op had been done properly it would have worked. I have tried to get it sorted but only option is another op, and due to the accident I have enough going on, but I know something needs doing sooner rather than later x


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