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I didn't get on with the pregabilin so my consultants said my next move an possibly my last :( is to try tapentadol ,has anyone tried this an if so I did you get along with it apparently it's only been available in this country since 2012 but in America 2008 ,so when I go back at the end of this month this will be my next step so would love to hear from anyone who has tried this new drug .thank you

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I have been on it nearly 2 years now. It's an ok tablets though I'm finding a the longer I take it the less effect it had. I'm on a dose of 200mg twice a day. Hope this helps

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I can tell you that it helped me and it's like all pills and meds it wears off after a while, but I give this Tapentadol a good mark and I am still taking them and I am getting a higher dose and hopefully I can keep on getting benefits from using them, but I find if you take paracetamol with them they work better, but with all drugs and people being different there is bound to be differing results, and my best wishes Alex


Hi Kayunderwood,

Tapentadol,was extremely sedating for me at first and that was wonderful,as I had so little sleep. That side effect wore off but it is still effective tho not as amazingly so. Our old friend tolerance to meds I fear 😁

I have also been on it approx 2 years and it is one of my main meds. I think we are lucky to have it prescribed as many peoples GPs refuse on basis of cost I understand.

My GP just asked in passing one day who,prescribed it and when I said it was PM doc she said no more. I don't know what her next step would be if it had been another doc in the practice but in fairness I think she would have strongly resisted any pressures to change it as it does help,.

I wish you well with it - really recommend you take the same sort of approach as is needed with pregabalin and build up to required dose very slowly in order to refuce likelihood of side effects and sedation.

I'm on the slow release and take 200 am and 300pm

Keep us posted 😊



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