Scottish Parliament - Cross Party Group on Chronic Pain....(CPG CP)

Scottish Parliament - Cross Party Group on Chronic Pain....(CPG CP)

Sorry folks this will only apply to those of us who live In Scotland. Or if you live beyond and know someone it affects.

It is becoming more and more commonplace to extend the average waiting times of 6 months between spinal injections. In our own NHS Lanarkshire those waiting for second and subsequent jags are waiting as long as 18 months. Other NHS Boards have simila

There have been a variety of 'excuses' provided . This is not acceptable. Sooo i will be raising it for discussion and action at the next CPG CP meeting at Holyrood in November.

If you live here and have experienced a waiting time of longer than around 6 months please can you get in touch with me. Message if you prefer. I need to know your details together with your name. (Your name will be in complete confidence. Unless you give permission for it to be disclosed.)

Which NHS Board, waiting time and excuse you have been given.

This will be an excellent chance to bring those involved to attention of MSPs and get action.

Pat x


If you know of anyone in the other forums whom this may apply to - please let them know. Remember this si Scotland only


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  • Hi Pat. Well you do know this applies to me. Last time I had my SI joint injections I was told the follow up phone call would be 5 months whereas it used to be 4. The injections themselves will be yearly. The reason give is personnel and theatre space. It is freely acknowledged that they wear off around 4-5 months.

    May support or help I can give you in this campaign let me know.

    Highland Health Board have been investigated before for their lack of staff in the Pain Management Team.

    Good luck with this . Its hugely important.

    Love Dee

  • Thanks Dee. Very interesting reply. We have been told exactly the same here in NHS space.

    So we do have the same problem across the country. Makes it easier to deal with and they have been honest.

    CPG meeting isn't til November but this is on the agenda for discussion with MSPs.

    Hugs and chin up


  • Wow! thats three times as long to wait for a second jag. I need to have a B12 jag every three months which is still ongoing with no change in times. Do you know what the reason why Pat? Defo not acceptable!

  • You will be absolutely fine iain with B12. Diferent procedures. This is for epidurals etc.

    Seems the reason is lack of theatre space. Once a week in the morning is not long enough to treat not only existing patients but new ones too.

    Apparently money is there but just not enough theatres.

    Pat x

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