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arthritis asthma and 2 damaged discs

hi everyone im 42 and have had 2 damaged discs for 20 years after a work accident ive also suffered with asthma all my life and my arthritis kicked in big time when I was about 35 all these are wonderfull diseases on their own but when u factor in, cant sleep, no energy,no appetite my feet would constantly feel like they r on fire when I try to sleep and to top it off an irregular heartbeat which used to scare the bjesus out of me .these are all side effects of the different pain meds i was on to deal with my disc problems in the first place and last but not least good old depression so after being on drugs for discs asthma and arthritis what does the doctor offer me for depression yep you've guessed it more drugs. im so glad I woke up from the MD,s world

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Hi Naturepath, welcome to this site. You will meet many people (unfortunately!) just like you with regard to long term pain with all its twists and twirls along the great path of life. Great hints, tips and emotional support for the ups and downs. Look forward to hearing more about you in due course. Just thought Id say welcome. :)


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