Slipped Discs

Hi,I'm Andy.New here. Enquiring for the wife.She doesn't know. Had slipped discs 8/9 years . She's taking around 3 times the painkillers she was at the beginning.In fact she runs out of prescribed medication and buys strong over the counter painkillers for around the final week of the month before her script is due. She's visited the physio and chiropractor briefly ,but to no avail.Saw a consultant about 5+ years ago for an operation,but he said no due to the risk. I know the effects of painkillers long term isn't good.Just wondering if anybody has gone through this or has any suggestions. She still works 22 hours a week , but she goes to bed early (7.30 - 8.30 pm most nights) for respite.

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  • Hi Andy I have lower pain I saw a orthopaedic consultant he couldn't do anything so he referred me to the pain clinic. I go in to hospital for spine blocks now and my pain is managed by the clinic.

    I also had acupuncture you need around 6 sessions but make sure the person who does it knows what he's doing. I went to a physiotherapist and although its no cure it does help.

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    If nothing else the pain relief is really helpful, find a therapist in your area it should be a 1 off treatment if it helps go back 2 weeks later for a "top up" then only if you feel the need once every 6 months or so did amazing things for me.

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  • Hi, has your wife had an MRI? Does she talk about running out of medications with GP? It sounds like something is not working, if medications are not as effective it might be time to ask GP for a different dose or try some other medications & other things.

    It assistance from a pain management group by referral from GP can be of use. Medication can be just one part of the picture. She is lucky to have a loving husband like you looking out for her. Maybe go with her to GP with list of things to discuss. Or increase appointments for a little while. Pharmacists can also be a good source of information. Sorry to say but I feel increasing painkiller usage without some other strategies in place or the support of a GP is probably not a good way of going it alone with the pain. I understand as it can seem like easier way before someone has accepted it is ongoing but I would try and get some more help from doc if it is an ongoing thing over several months. Paracetemol and Ibuprofen can be very tough on the body too and need to be monitored by a doc aswell. Best luck with it.

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  • She needs to talk to her GP for a referral for proper pain management. It's not all just about pain killers now. A chronic pain specialist will have a number of other methods to help her to manage the pain better.

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  • See an Alexander Technique teacher. They will not cure however by improving posture and muscle usage pain can be reduced.

    Hope this helps.

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