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When medication fails

When medication fails

Zone out to Quo tonight. BBC4 23.50.

I am anticipating great things.

“Music affects the cortisol levels (a hormone involved in stress), SigA (an antibody) and opiates that occur naturally in the body: dopamine (a neurotransmitter implicated in the anticipation of reward) and oxytocin (nicknamed the ‘cuddle hormone’ because of its role in attachment and bonding).”

Consequently the health benefits of music include its ability to lower blood pressure, reduce pain, improve sleep, alleviate allergies, boost immune function and reduce depression.

So says research. However I can't believe it will improve tonight's kip. Also I have no evidence to suggest to promotes the cuddle hormone. Especially if one of you prefer to chill out to classic fm!

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Thanks Ned. Rod Stewart has all those effects on me....amd more""

Pat x


They don't make them like that any more.pure gold.

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If you're going to do some energetic air guitar playing make sure you have the required pain relief on standby!


na nothing beats head banging I find.


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