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Undiagnosed Strange Medical Condition

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I have strange sensations on my hands and feets like burning, buzzing, electrical current, and crawling. It is not concentrated on the same spot as they move around and changes its' form. The level of intensity of the sensations varies as well. One moment, I can have level 7/10 electrical current on my fourth and pinky finger then later level 4/10 burning on my palm. However, the main area where it happens is on my left hand and right foot. Due to this, my daily activities can only function at about 70% as I'm in discomfort most of the time. When it's flaring badly, it makes me stressed and anxious as well.

I have consulted a neurologist and neurosurgeon who instructed many tests like MRI (brain, lumbar, cervical, abdomen), nerve conduction test, full blood test and ultrasound but it all came back normal. They could not find anything and conclude it's psychological though I really doubt it and sent me to see a psychiatrist. Anyway, I went ahead to consult the psychiatrist and was given some psychosomatic medications. My condition however still did not improve.

The feelings started in April'19. Somehow it subside by its own in August'19. In between there are some spikes but it's just very mild before another episode in March'20. Again after few months it subsides on its own.

Right now it's like the 3rd episode. It keeps coming back so I think the root cause is not identified and cured. I'm kind of clueless at the moment on what to do next.

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Are you on any medications that might be causing this? Or a food, or exposure to a chemical substance- at home or workplace?Cast your mind back to the time it started- April '19 - what was new in your life?

These would be all places to start investigation.

Good luck.

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satoshihooi in reply to Madlegs1

I'm not on any medications. As for my surroundings and environment, it's been the same since 2019. Nothing new. I didn't change job or home. 😕

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Madlegs1 in reply to satoshihooi

It can be something as simple as a new toothpaste, or shampoo or cleaning product. If the condition came on quite suddenly, then it is almost certainly due to a change in your environment, in some manner or form.

Something very insignificant !??

Good luck.

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satoshihooi in reply to Madlegs1

I'll investigate my environment further.

I was thinking peripheral neuropathy because that’s what I have and maybe carpal tunnel in your wrists but maybe these have been ruled out?

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satoshihooi in reply to Trenholm

The neurologist ruled out both carpal tunnel and peripheral neuropathy because I don't have extreme pain on my wrist and numbness (loss of sensation) and major burning on my hands and feets. Another reason is my MRIs came back normal.

My gut feeling says it could be small fibre neuropathy.

Hi there, if you’ve not had it checked already then see if they’ll test your blood for your Vit B12 levels, the buzzing and tingling might possibly be caused by a deficiency, it’s one of the symptoms.

Best Wishes, take care


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satoshihooi in reply to Krawlins

Hey, I'll definitely go check it out. However Vit.B12 will also cause anemia, fatigue, weakness and a host of other symptoms but I don't get it.

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Krawlins in reply to satoshihooi

That is very true. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon


I have the same feelings as you in my hands and fingers, I have had an MRI scan and other tests and the specialist that I saw said it looks as though I have nerve damage in my right hand, leading to my last two fingers also Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can happen in any part of your body mine is in my wrist, hand and fingers due to working. I hope this helps, let me know how you get on and good luck.

I had something like that several years ago. They never found a cause after lots of tests. I was put on gabapentin for a time then weaned off and the weird sensations were gone.

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satoshihooi in reply to MrsN1976

Good news that gabapentin works for you.

Hi - please check out arachnoiditishope.com. It may not be this, but your symptoms are similar to mine and it took at least 12 months after surgery to get this diagnosis. If you have ever had a lumbar puncture or a myelogram or have canal stenosis, this could be linked. I get flare ups now every 2 weeks.

Good luck and take care

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out.

Has anyone mentioned complex regional pain syndrome? The type of pain sounds similar but it tends to be on the limbs rather than hands and feet. Although it can move around. It might be worth looking up the symptoms to see if any fit. . It sounds like a type of nerve pain. It's really frustrating to have so many tests and no real answers. I hope you find an answer soon and can get some relief from the pain.

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