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Need to find information on a surgeon


Hi everyone.I need to find information on a surgeon.I have tried googling only limited information available.I want to know more about this surgeon than he does me lol.

Any advice welcome.I am looking at a spinal operation possibly so hence why I want to Google what he's like

Many thanks

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Can you disclose the name of the surgeon?

Well my first port of call would be to speak with the man himself. Any surgery carries risk and non more so than the spine. Even basic epidurals can have dire consequencies if the needle isn't put in the right place.

Do you come under a particular area or are you looking to go [rivate? If it is through the paim clinic I would trust ours with David's life.

if this surgeon wasn't any good then I doubt he would still be practising!

Pat x

teetree in reply to Bananas5

Many thanks no unfortunately it is nhs I am going wish I could go private I have Google a bit of what he's like but obviously proof in the pudding on things.jus hope he's good

so worried

What are you worried about? Surgeons do surgery all the time. It's their job! Have you spoken with him yet? And what are you having done? Presumably it has been discussed?



you wont find any info on him/her on google about any medical staff very little if any unless he's been in the news or in front of the BMA if your worried ask to speak to him or a member of his staff

teetree in reply to Hidden

Yeah I notice snip bits some good n where he been in a coronary tribunal

He's a brain surgeon as well

That's prob the follow up care lol

Not yet I been giving a date time to see them in September.I have a dehydrated bulging l5 disc so not sure what's on offer

Nervous cause of these horror stories you hear.but than again you never hear of the good one.I suppose.bad news travel fast than good news

not sure on what he wants to do or propose to do

Knowledge is power in this but I suppose until I see him i am in the dark

Hidden in reply to teetree

let him put your mind at ease i know there's horror stories maybe another family member or a friend could go with you for support i know its a worry i get worried every time i go to the hospital its normal to worry

teetree in reply to Hidden

Yep so true.sometimes with things like this isn't best to worry.

See what he has to say than go from worry could talk myself out of it than back in to it in a roundabout way

Until facts are presented on things

Wish we where like the Americans they Google everything.


Your surgeon may have a private practice, if he does then a bit more information will be available on his web page on The Spire or Nuffield or what ever your local private hospital is called.The others who have commented are right if he was bad at his job he wouldn't be practising, better to ask him how many of these operations he has done and the success rate. That's exactly what I did, my surgeon was more than happy to answer questions, you just have to ask.

teetree in reply to Hidden

Thanks mate I go and have a gootches to see if there's more info thanks for info from everyone been sound advice by all thanks

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