Can anyone help me regarding living with severe lower back pain? I am really struggling at the moment as unfortunately yesterday pulled it badly whilst lifting! Have been icing on and off all morning but as I already live with a chronic disease this has really made me feel quite ill and very tired. Any othe ideas for treatment ? How long to rest ?when to exercise? Any help at all would be appreciated?

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  • Hi 014-39 :) Ouch!! Some of the things that gave me respite for a little while were: good posture (I worked out my cat was sleeping on me! bad sleeping posture led to a really sore/or even capacitated day) Proper hard chairs with rigid support (I used a pillow as required (directors chairs would actually make my pain worse. Breathing, stretching through the pain (yes it unbelievably hurt) but it did help :) some over the counter "rubs" (creams) most importantly for me, was accepting what sort of day I was going to have, for me my pain was like a tsunami, but it always backed off. Really hot showers with the head located straight on my lower back. Pain killers from the Dr. Hope this sort of helps. xo Hope you have a better day today. xo

  • Thank you for all your ideas joolz I will try them and taking the trouble to reply! 😌

  • Hi Joolzzz, Thank you for your ideas and always good to try new things.

  • Have you spoken to your GP about this, because you should really see a specialist. I recall that at one point, the only comfortable place for me, was laying on the floor. Ice packs can help as also can hot water bottles near the centre of the pain. You mention other medical issues, which makes me feel even more, that you need to get proper help asap, because solutions for you might be different because of the other conditions. You could see a Chiropractor or consider acupuncture. I really hope that you get some respite soon.

  • Thank you zimbabwemac

    Thank you for your reply I will take on board what you have said! And do appreciate your comments!

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