Chronic Pain

I don't know if anyone can help me but I have chronic pain due to IBS .At the moment it's been worse due to tapering of Mirtazapine ,trouble is I'm really struggling with the pain.Has anyone got any suggestions for any pain relief.I would be most grateful.Oh I go and see my gastrologist next week so might be a good idea to go armed with some suggestions.

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  • I have had it for years at my worst I take 2 buscopan 10 mg then just one 4 hours later, hot water bottle works wonders hope this helps. stay well.

  • Thank you Frances but Buscapan does nothing for me but I do use a hot water bottle when I'm sitting down and take one to bed every night .But thanks for your reply.

  • Not sure if this is any help Gemini71, but definitely worth taking a look at this website:-

    Vitamin D3 Colecalciferol can help Colon problems too, type in 'Colon' in the search bar on the vitamin d council website also.

    Vitamin D3 has helped myself, family and friends cure or alleviate different types of pains.

  • Thank you coast walker I will look on them sites a bit later on.I will give you an opinion later thanks for replying it may be of some help.

  • Hi do you take Mebeverine? I find that very good. Also Deflatine is great for trapped wind

  • Yes I have thank you it did no good at all thanks.

  • Best not to ask the gastroenterologist for anything specific, but just make sure you describe exactly (in all the gory detail) what is going on at the moment - that way they can use their expertise and decide what to offer you.

  • Hi earth witch I've been begging about 6 gastrologists for some help in pain relief all to no avail.They just look at me as though I'm not in any pain.So I just thought if I could go armed with some suggestions this time it might help.You see I have other health problems to which I take meds for so I always have to check what I ask for is safe.Anyway sorry to go on so long but I feel pretty desperate at the moment .thank you for your reply all the same.

  • What kind of pain? Cramps, burning, etc...

  • Hi the pain I feel I suppose you would call it Spasm,but chronic the only time I get any relief is when I'm asleep and that takes sleeping tablets .It explain a bit easier it's like a football team in my tum it never keeps still and it hurts.I also look 6mths pregnant.I have had all the tests that show there's nothing sinister there.But it's just the pain and every medical person I've see is at a loss,so I just thought I'd put it out there to see if I can suggest anything to him next week. Sorry for going on so long it's just that I'm desperate .

  • Sweetheart, have you gained weight? Also what sort of tests have they done? Don't apologize for trying to figure out whats wrong. That's what we are here for my darling. I have had the same pain but need to know the tests they did in order to help you out. xxx Mitzi

  • Tests mitziblue,colonoscopy ,Barium Enenama,MRI ,sigmoidoscopy , CT scan,and I've seen about 6 Gastrologist ,Hypnosis,Psychiatrist,and a Physiotherapist.Also a lot of medication that's done no good ,so I see my Gastrologist nex week ( who's a Proffessor I might add) and I just thought someone out there just might have some suggestions I can give him.Sorry Mitzi if I sounded a bit sharp but it's really getting me down now .

  • No, No Sweetheart, I totally understand. Have you had the scope down your throat? That's what I'd suggest unless you forgot to mention it. As it might possibly be H-Pylori which I had back in 2000. It hurts terribly and causes cramping and it felt like Freddy Crugger was in my stomach. Let me know? xxx Mitzi

  • Yes Mitzi 4 times but that was quite a while back.But I will look into that.Thank you.

  • Sweetheart if it's not that, then there is a website you can go to by typing in multiple symptom checker on google. It gives you everything that it could be. I hope this helps and that you find relief so soon. I'm in the same boat, having probes for my esophagus and stomach next week. Best of Luck Honey, xxxx Mitzi

  • Thank you Mitzi I'll looked into that,and I really do hope all goes well for you let me know.Good Luck x

  • I will sweetheart. Thank you, hope you get some answers as I know how frustrating it is!!! xxx

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