Rheumatology and Endocrinology- people's experiences?.

After having no luck with any doctor at all this year, I've been referred to these two departments.

I have severe pain in my hip and thigh and doctors have been arguing about what is wrong with me for the last few years and now they've come to the conclusion that one of these two will help.

At this point I'm not even sure I care what's wrong with me I just want this insane pain to go away or at least be under control , the tramadol cocodamol and morphine really aren't doing the job anymore

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  • Just wondering if you have any other pains alongside hip and thigh pains ? such as stiffness getting up out of chairs and bed in the mornings ? coccyx pain (tailbone pain) ? restless legs, sciatica type leg pains ? SAD disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder ? lower back pain ?

  • Hi thanks for the reply. Yeah I can’t really move at all I have to walk on two crutches I can’t sit down I have to lie down at all times. I get back pain and pain in my other hip but I’ve just put that down to my other hip compensating so much for the one that doesn’t work. I get burning pain all down my bad leg and swelling in my foot when it’s really bad even lying down doesn’t get rid of it and spasms which are more at night really

  • This may or may not connect to you as we are all different bexamy. My above pains all went overnight, I was diagnosed with tailbone pain, I found it hard to sit down or stand for long, but Doctor said I would never cure my tailbone pain, then another visit I said I wasn't walking properly, like I was walking bow legged my Doctor checked my vitamin D blood levels and prescribed me 1000iu of D3. I had not mentioned all my other pains as there were too many. I started taking the 1000iu of prescribed vitamin D3 and oddly found it sorted my walking and all other pains and stiffness overnight, but all came back again a few days later. Someone on HU suggested to take a look at vitamindcouncil.com and suggested a much higher, but safer dose of vitamin D3. As soon as I upped my D3 all pains and stiffness went again overnight. In winter I needed more as pains come back to remind me, there is far less hot sunshine around in the winter time. Many also say their bones ache more in winter then say they feel far better in summer.

    Your problems might not be linked, but it might be worth checking. If you do get tested ask the Doctor to write down your blood result and the range. Then check it against vitamindcouncil.com because vitamin D ranges differ to NHS, which I found were a bit outdated.

  • Thank you for that, I had thought this as my levels were low but I’ve been on vitamin D tablets for the last few months the really strong ones the doctor prescribed me but it’s done nothing for my pain unfortunately, my pain only gets worse with each day :(

  • Can I ask what dose vitamin D3 you are on bexamy, my Dr said I was on a very high amount and I found out later from other members on HU that it was not a very high amount and also nowhere near enough my body needed. Also in winter my body needs far more as there is no sunshine to soak up. I take a high, (but safe) amount of D3.

    vitamindcouncil.com for safe doses of vitamin D3 according to weight and how deficient you are.

  • I’m not very Deficient and my pain is to do with extra bone on my hip and muscle spasms, my mum is a nurse so I’ve checked it all out with her but thank you.

    They are looking at auto immune diseases now. My doctor only put me on the vitamin D high dose as I’m housebound so I don’t get sunshine anyway lol

  • Plus due to all my painkillers etc I only weight 7 and a half stone and only about 6 under the recommended levels

  • That's good about your D3 bexamy.

    Suggestion only - 'Thyroid UK' here on Health Unlocked is a good top site for auto immune problems, members on Thyroid UK have helped several in my family to get well again when we were let down.

    Try Googling Natural Pain Killers.

  • Thank you :) unfortunately natural painkillers just do nothing for me I’ve tried pretty much everything on the market, prescription and not I just want more of a treatment now rather than a “painkiller” as painkillers just do t seem to work on chronic pain

  • Yes I can well understand you, just don't give up the fight, you will get there.

  • Thank you. Oh I don’t go down without a fight and they know that lol I won’t allow sub par doctoring plus my mum being a nurse at my hospital for the last 25 years helps lol

    Good luck to you to x

  • Good for you bexamy. Good also you have your nurse (Mum) to keep an eye on you. :)

  • I have also just been referred to both those departments. Therefore I would be very interested to know how your consultation goes. I've also had multiple doctors suspecting different conditions, so have had dozens of tests, scans, x rays and mri's, with not a lot of success. I myself think i have AS (ankylosing spondalitis) but i need a specialist to confirm this. I am hoping that when i have a confirmed diagnosis, i will finally get the correct treatment and hopefully have a reduction in my pain. I hope you also find the answers you are seeking.

  • My consultant I saw with rheumatology is th best doctor I’ve ever seen he sat listened to everything I had to say , I came out feeling amazing for once he’s putting a plan of action for me and I felt it’s the furthest I’ve ever gotten in the two years.

    He thinks I’ve got hyper mobility syndrome in my hip I don’t fully understand it all lol but it putting me in for more tests and in the long run it’s not something that will ever go but there are other treatments I’ve not had that I will be having to at least make my life a bit easier.

    Definitely go and see them x

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