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Chronic pain getting worse! Help!

I had a complete hysterectomy along with my appendix out about 3 years ago. I had to have 2 subsequent surgeries one where I actually was hemorrhaging and my son had to call 911. I have also had 2 surgeries after that to look for endometriosis but they found very little. I have had chronic pain for almost three years and been on Percocet. I have seen a lot of doctors and had lots of tests. Basically no one can figure out the pain. It starts in my abdomen and radiates to my back. Mostly right sided but I am also getting worse. Now I feel it on the left side as well and my leg feels numb/tingling plus I am fatigued all the time. Just walking through a store kills me? My surgery was done robotically. Does anyone else have these symptoms? How hard is it to get disability for chronic pain? I also think I might have Meeners disease I get dizzy and light headed easily and lose my balance. I don't want to claim disability I am only 37 but at this point I am barely functioning. Help me please!!

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Hi redncontrol,

You make no mention of any gastroenterological disorder tests - have you considered irritable bowel syndrome or gastritis?

Have you had the following blood tests: Vit B12, Vit D, Ferritin, Magnesium.

Deficiencies in these can cause fatigue, tingling and numbness, dizziness.

You mention having several surgery procedures - the nitrous oxide used in general anaesthtic will strip your body of Vit B reserves, causing all manner of ill-health.

Has your doctor considered Fibromyalgia? Fibro sufferers experience pain, fatigue, dizziness and loss of balance

Also consider you Thyroid function tests, an autoimmune thyroid desease (Hashimotos) can cause gastritis and leaky gut due to the antibodies in the system attacking the lining of the stomach and gut, leading to malabsorption of vitamins and minerals. Hypothyroidism will also cause extreme fatigue.

Is you hair thinning or falling out? All the above will cause this.

Best of luck with identifying your condition xx


Hi tghere. So sorry to hear you have such bad pain.Has anyone ever mentioned ADHESIONS. this is where your inner parts where you had surgery can become attached to your abdomen wall causing terrible pain.If its not been mentioned to you,ask your Doctor or surgeon if this could be the case.I


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