Hi all,I have started a petition to reopen the hydropool in St. Albans Hospital as it was closed to save £100000.00 repair costs.Pls sign

Here is the link to the petition, will be very grateful if you could sign it please and help spread the word change.org/p/westhertsnhs-r...

I also enclose the link for the page - Reopen the St. Albans hospital hydrotherapy


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  • Please sign this petition and share, thanks in advance.

  • I hope you can get some help. I do think 1,000,000 is goiing to be hard to be very very hard to find right now. So many cuts, so many people not even eating!

  • Thanks James, one can only try,if you can sign the petition that will be fab.


  • Try contacting your MP. They can sometimes be really useful in pushing for this kind of thing, or at the very least asking a whole lot more questions.

  • Thanks earthwitch, I have been in touch with my MP but to date no reply from him.

  • Keep on.

  • The petition now has 40 signatories, thanks so much , please sign and share.

  • Sweetie what's the exact title of the campaign please? Change.org is sending me round the bush! Thanks.

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