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Lonely and desperate

I suffer from facial pain similar to that of trigeminal neuralgia and I had 2 root canals filled at the weekend. The dental work itself went well however when the freeze wore off the pain has been intense and horrendous. I spent most of yesterday screaming, crying, vomiting, sleeping and then back to screaming again. My husband was frustrated as unable to help and i just feel so lonely. I am desperate as well. When these attacks are bad I keep thinking what is the point. I know I am burying myself in self pity but does anybody else feel that they have no fight left??

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I really feel for you , I saw the Hygenist, I can not believe how much pain I felt,they implied I was being over sensitive and they have never come across this level of pain from a hygene apt, I discussed this with my consultant, I was not aware until then that I also had CRPS, CHRONIC REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME, another symptom of fibromyalgia, basically we feel a hell of a lot more pain than others for the slightest bit of pain, apologies if spelling etc all over the place just had oramorph so brain mushy, I just wondered if it may be worth discussing this with your Consultant, wish I could offer more help.



apologies... whenI read your post it did reind me of me 9 mths go, my husband made an apt to discuss me with my GP, she would not dislose but made me us an apt together, I have not really looked back since, she looked at all the meds I was on, did a review of them and a plan forward, it involved increasing MST and Gabapentin gradual increase plan, I still have odd days like above when I haul my body around the house, hide in bed with hot water bottle, seems like I have to take the pain and illness to a massive level, sort of burn it out, then feel quite a bit better,but you have def described what I determine feels like fibro on it's worse day to me, my husband used to ask me what he could do to help,I would not even be able to utter anything as felt no strength,the other day... agood day, I said to him, If I am like that again this is what I need you to do with out me even speaking, meds for the day, hot water bottle and just to be left on my own, I told him nothing personal, I feel awful but he is great about it,it is only in my own heart I feel awful,often he is downstairs and I am still in bed at 12 noon but believe me it is better than 9 months ago, please please chat to your GP, mine was abit scary,not tolerant but completely changed after my husband spoke to her, if I can help in anyway, come to an apt etc please don't hesitate to contact me, I am not a nutter just afellow sufferer.


Have you actually tried treatment for trigeminal neuralgia? One of my friends has it, and no amount of pain killers will do anything, however tegretol works a treat. She had a real fight to get GP to prescribe it at first though.


Unfortunately I had a severe reaction to Tegretol. I am waiting on intravenous lidocaine therapy through the pain clinic. I have exhausted all medications used to treat trigeminal neuralgia and seem to be allergic to them all. My facial pain is the result of trauma nearly a year ago and is proving very difficult to treat and get under control.


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