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Desperate times

I am lying in bed awake through pain,the last thirty years or so I have dealt with pain but the last few years it has been one thing after another,which has come to the point I am at my lowest. The pain is winning,I am on morphine and numerous other tablets for different things ,the main pain is caused by a trapped nerve in lower back also gout,arthritis,high blood pressure,two stokes,capriltunnel,depression,I have tried a number of things over the years the surgeon said operating would be to dangerous.the only thing that keeps me hear is my beautiful grandchildren,my wife is my carer but I would rather we could do what comes normal but due to my condition and meds it's not on,so it's not just the pain it's how it changes things sorry to go on I have even lost my friends through the years. I as I ly hear in bed feeling sorry for myself hope that in joining this that maybe someone will come up with the answer how to keep going as. Even with all I should be grateful for I am finding it hard .

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Haven't you tried any Chinese medicine or other natural remedies? Acupuncture and massage can help you get away from all types of pain, including Arthritis, Muscle Problems, Headaches, etc and even anxiety or depression.


Yes have tried acupuncture for a while it helped at first but I found it didn't last as long .i don't think it would even look at it now,even my tense machine which I would have swore by doesn't work thanks for your information.

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Sorry to hear that you are finding life tough. I have no answers.

I am relatively lucky compared to many. A never ending endurance test that's is the only way to describe it.

That is coped with or not depending on how knackered I am. And of course we all run on near empty as pain drains energy as hoodie in the night syphoning off petrol.

dont be afraid to trundle back to your GP and tell him how low you are. The word depressed springs to mind? If you is depressed man no wonder you are finding it hard to bat the ball.

Things that have helped me.

Pain Management course. When I finally accepted that they weren't going to manage the pain away. It should be called Living With Pain!



Very very loud music somehow it has the ability to block pain for a bit.

My tens machine.

Radio telly.

Getting outside every day.

And watching tHe birds hang upside down on the bird feeder.

Sometime tis the on,y way to view life.

Top tip. Though this site is a valuable resource and some lovely people pop up. I don't find it has a community feel as some others sites.

When i originally came here I was desperately looking for answers to a magic my symptoms away.

But there really ain't any.

If you are looking for a community feel try the Fibro site which is run under this umbrella it can be accessed under my communities at the top.

Foggy always posts a picture of the day and gins invites us around for a virtual cuppa.

Tis the little things that make life bearable I find.

Good luck.


Oh I forgot the very very strong coffee and dark choc.

The coffee comes with a health warning though I am sure all the Caffeine send the heart racing. Gives me a lift if an afternoon though.

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I was wondering how I could help the above message Grm/gramps what you have written says it all its helped me too thanksx


Re community spirit.

Tis it takes energy to look outside the box and I for one haven't had the energy to invest in it so suppose I only get out wot I puts in.

But I see we have some new people on the block providing inspiration so I takes it back.

But check out fibro site anyway.

We all share many of the same trials and tribulations.


I think need says it well, and may I add two points.. You do seem to be drifting downwards and need to get help now before the "black dog" stops everything. If you can't do it yourself, ask your wife to speak to the gp for you. And alongside the medss side of things, get counselling. It is hard to admit the need to talk as a therapy, but you said you have lost friends and probably don't want to put more load on your lady. Most of us have been where you are now, but there is hope and the future visits with the grandchildren, every cuddle will help.

Try to get out or wrap up well and sit out in the day light, when the nights are so broken, the days become disjointed.

Hope today is a little less dark.


I listened to you. Pain is not the only thing going on. I am pretty sure that you

are grieving some loss of how you once were to now after 2 strokes.

Retirement (someday) is not how you planned it out when you worked your butt

off for really great things, probably savings was full for fun and instead, you have

to make provisions around the house and try to find other fun things to do..

all of it being costly.

You did say that you work? That's one of the greatest blessings..not that you

have to work in pain but that you "Can" function at that level.

I have some trapped nerves in the back too. It's making my life harder than

it should be and to operate right now is so risky in the spots that trap my nerve

Pain is there and so severe that you can't help but to knock yourself out with

pain pills - then you miss the life of your grandkids life, There is simply nothing

left over for your wife.. It's a rough road, friend.. you are correct, I heard you.


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