Hi everyone, I'm new to this site so nice to meet you all. I'm a 47 year old lady. In September 2014 I had emergency spinal surgery to remove a tumour. This has left me with cauda equina syndrome. This is a rare syndrome so feel free to google it lol. I have lots of problems and medication .I'm looking forward to following you all. Thanks Helen68

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  • Thanks for your message Daniel. I'm not doing too bad, good days and bad. I've two more surgeries to go yet. Hope your doing well. Thanks again Helen

  • Aww hope your meds continue to help with the pain. How long do you think you'll be off work? Helen

  • Full pay....... That's all right Helen

  • Hello Helen68

    Welcome to the forum. Always someone around for help amd support or just a rant - not too many of those I hope!

    Pat x

  • Good Morning Helen

    Welcome to this site, small steps, small steps


  • Thanks Bob...... Your all very welcoming Helen

  • Hi Helen. Welcome to the site. I'm fully aware of cauda equina syndrome as my spinal canal is quite tight in that area, though I have no symptoms in terms of paralysis, incontinence etc. Are these your symptoms?

  • Welcome Helen68,

    Hope you get all that you need from this site - there are always ears here when needed and lots of support, sometimes some humour and the occasional rant!! All good stuff!



  • welcome Helen.. wishing you well xx

  • Welcome helen I always have a listening ear for everyone on here, and have needed support when things are bad so make good use of the site

    good luck with your future surgery Sheryl

  • Oh thanks sheryl for the lovely welcome. It means a lot to me. Thanks again Helen

  • Hello Helen.

    I took Vitamin C and Co-Q10 for cancer

    I think so should read Doctors research which will show that Vitamin B complex and vitamin B12 1000ug will help nerve repair. Its a slow process but keep positive also if you use a tens machine, I think its brilliant. The Tens company supply the NHS and I think their machines are good. Love & Peace

  • Oh thanks for your message Victoria. I'm on loads of medication and it sometimes works. Good days and bad. Thanks again Helen x

  • Im so sorry sending You poditive energy And good recover

  • Thanks love means a lot

  • I haven't been diagnosed with CES but have similar problems. there is a great forum at apparelyzed.com/forums/ that has a cauda equina board.

  • Welcome, sorry about your ordeal, I hope you get the right help to manage the pain.

  • A rare one you are! =) Welcome and nice to meet you. Tell me, are you mobile yet? I mean are you getting around okay yet inside and outside of the home? I am 48 and for 5 months have been having mobility issues. I have a back issue as well. We are much too young to have wheeled carriages, don't you think? Mine was a shocker like yours - very suddenly without warning... from walking to crutches to too slow- I sat in a wheelchair the past 2 days as I am right now to type this.. I cannot wait to hear more of your story. Finally .. someone my age and it happened so fast. =) Karen

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