I have recently had my meds changed from Simvastatin to Atorvastatin. About this time I started with very acute pain in the lower part of my body - from my hips down my legs into my feet. This pain is so bad that I find walking very difficult, cannot exercise and find sleep almost impossible. I believe that muscle pain is a side effect of Atorvastatin and was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this.

I do have damage in my spine, but I have never experienced pain like this. I would be grateful for any comments. Especially as I am due to go away on holiday in about 10 days time. Thanks.

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  • i have been on atorvastatin for a lot of years have had no side affects...

  • I got very bad joint pains when taking statins x

  • Muscle and I think also joint pain are now accepted side effects of some stations. Get back to your GP to ask for a statin which does not have so much of this side affect. I'm assuming you need the statin because of high cholesterol, BP, stroke risk etc?

  • They are known to cause leg pains it may get better but if not you may need to see what GP has to say.

  • Thanks for replies. I was taken off Simvastatin and put on Atorvastatin quite recently. My cholesterol level was 5.4. I am going on holiday in about a week. However, I doubt that I could go owing to the very severe pain I am getting. I hope to see my GP tomorrow. I am almost sure that the statin is the cause of my pain.

  • Oh goodness. I've had the same problem. The pain is bad even in the middle of the night. I actually stopped taking my medication and have decided to watch my fatty food intake. I have hereditary high cholesterol so the medication doesn't lower my cholesterol enough to make a difference.

    I also have a spine problem but the Atorvastin made everything worse. I'm not recommending that you stop the medication on your own but I'm saying from experience that I stopped and the pain got much much better.

    I really feel for you. Hope you can get something out of my reply.

  • Thank you. TracyMc. You have confirmed my suspicion that Atorvastatin was causing the increase in pain. I hope to see my GP tomorrow to see if I can stop this medication. The pain is so severe, as you know. even strong painkillers only help for a short time. I will post to say how I get on. Thanks for replying.

  • Hi Tracymc. I ha e now seen my GP who was surprised to hear that I thought the pain was caused by Atorvastatin. I had not taken a tablet prior to my appointment and my pain had decreased. He agreed that I should stop this drug and go to see him in a month. The following day the pain was back. I have not taken any more tablets and I am sure that my pain is decreasing slowly. Thanks again for your help. I will post again after I have been to see my GP again.

  • i am on the same tabs but i find that it helps with my pain that i have got ffrom ra in most of my body oa in my spine neck hips also most likely have to have my replacment hip changed because of severe pain

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