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Can anyone help pain in neck shoulders arms and hips was put on steriod tabs 3 a day but not helping taken for a week. 2 Drs say it's PMR another is not sure saw a Dr on Friday with blurred vision particularly in left eye so Dr upped steroids to 12 a day have had eye tests at Hosp today but can find nothing wrong with eyes. They also checked retina. Need to see Dr again but can never get to see same Dr. Am going mad with pain and constant headache

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Your description indicates that no one has looked at your posture. Posture is an area that many medical consultants and GPs ignore.

You have not said if you have had an MRI scan or not.

It is always important to eliminate anything nasty like tumours or spinal damage and that is the function of the medics. So it is important that keep in close communication with them.

Blurred vision can be caused by lack of eye lubrication. This needs investigation which does not seem to have been done. I am a cyclist and I had to start using cycling glasses because I no longer produce the amount of eye lubrication that I once used to. Eye lubrication drying out on the iris is going to modify the light somewhat.

Lets now deal with postural issues. The head is heavy. Good posture results in the head being balanced on top of the spine. If the head is off balance then muscles will support the head resulting in excess muscle tension which can lead to pain in the neck.

Excess tension in the neck and the head not upright can interfere with vision as the eye muscles try to adjust to the different orientation and squeeze the eyeball altering its shape. The shape is altered so the lens tries to adjust and may not be able to make the necessary adjustment.

There is another mechanism also. The eye is designed such that there is a point of maximum focus. Light outside this point of maximum focus is not in focus. There is a habit in quite a number of people where if something is difficult to see they concentrate and stare at the object that needs to be in focus. The eyes are locked in place which guarantees that the object being looked at cannot be fully in focus. You can record blurred vision as a result.

A muscle spasm in the shoulder can pull the head neck out of alignment. This can lead to pain in the hips. There are spinal reflexes which modify the leg muscle behaviour according to position of the head neck orientation. If the centre of gravity is not positioned between the ankle joints of the feet then there is a reflex tightening of the back plus interesting things happening in the calf muscles.

It is worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to check for any muscle spasms. An Alexander teacher can help with checking for any postural problems. Yoga is good for helping muscles to become flexible.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply have not had any test done yet except bloods they not at levels expected for PMR but on steroids but not much relief. Had thorough eye tests at hospital yesterday drops to dialate eyes and checked retina nothing found. Have eye test booked for Thursday. Hope to see a Dr on Monday for further investigations as all is very worrying


thanks for the reply.


Have now decided it's not PMR but need shoulder replacement


These are typical symptoms of Polymyalgia Rheumatica right enough. Steroids are the usual treatment BUT a fast positive response to them is actually the MAIN way doctors diagnose the condition. If you don't respond quickly, like in days, then it may not be PMR. It is a vascular condition. Have you had the usual blood tests and we're they positive for PMR?


Had bloods done last week are higher than should be not not as high as they would expect for PMR so in limbo till I see the Dr again but as I said can never get to see same Dr all the time hope to see one on Monday. Had all eye tests done at hospital everything there seemed fine they were thorough dialalated eyes also checked retina have eye check at optician on Thursday as left eye still blurred


It all sounds indicative of PMR. You could ask to be referred to a specialist. GPs do commonly diagnose and treat PMR but you are entitled to see a consultant. Best wishes.


Thx will keep you posted


Yes, please do. Best wishes. Mary.


Seen Dr again today ESR levels are raised but now not sure it's PMR gone back to old diagnosis of frozen shoulder been going on for two years now surely someone can make a decision. Need to do a choose and book referral for shoulder manipulation even though the pains are in muscles of arms and thighs. Left eye was bad for two days really blurred so on Friday they upped steroids to 12 a day had tests done at Hosp all was ok now have optician appointment later this week. Today Dr has stopped steroids and referred me for physio as well as the manipulation.


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