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Shock to a CRPS Limb Can trigger an even rarer condition

Shock to a CRPS Limb Can trigger an even rarer condition

Dear Professor McCabe

have recently come across something that may help thousands of sufferers. In Feb I stumbled on the stairs, my right foot slipped off the step landing on the one below. My CRPS went wild and eventually a wound opened on my shin, leaking Pus, the surrounding skin went white and started to crack. over the next couple of months it continued to spread. In May I realised that it wasn't a continuous spread but in spurts every time I had a shower. It wasn't the heat, I can only stand lukewarm water, It wasn't the force of the shower, The spray is aimed at my thighs and allowed to trickle down to the lower legs, I do not touch the affected area in anyway. So I started researching and came across something that I found hard to believe. It appears that the shock has triggered an even rarer condition, 1 in 230 Million Aquagenic Urticaria an allergy to water. Still not really believing I posted it on some forums and within 24 hrs had 3 more who although they didn't know the name had developed an allergy to water after a small trauma.

I immediately stopped washing the leg, within 2 weeks the wound had heeled completely and last Thursday the dead flaky skin started falling off leaving red healthy skin below.

Passing this on to your patients and colleagues could help hundreds of sufferers.


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This is very interesting. It shows that sometimes if left alone the body can heal itself! I have ordinary urticaria- red itchy bumps that fill with pus. I was advised to moisturise with all sorts of different moisturisers- try this.. Oh that's not working.. Try this.. Etc. none of them helped. It spread and got worse, so itchy it drove me mad and stopped me sleeping, mostly on hands and feet. So I stopped moisturising altogether- nothing but water on it. It went away completely. Got very very dry and more itchy from being dry, then cleared up totally. Now if I use moisturiser on my palms or my feet it comes back. I have to be careful with sun cream.

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