Abnormal ANA blood test

I had some test done for why my chest was hurting and it came back that i had an abnormal ana blood test in which i was then referred over to a rhuemtoid doctor. They did different test and so far all have come back good and wanted to know what the next step would be to find out what was going on with my chest if all of the test come back good.

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  • Possibly they may do some XRAYS of your chest.

    The blood test can show a positive or negative you can have either with RA.


  • They will not treat me with a neg blood test for RA. They think that it should show on the blood test. I am not sure what to do from here on out. They also tell me that i have Fibromyalgia.

  • Sometimes these blood test can be negative and you could still have problems with your joints. All I can suggest is that you follow the treatment plan for FIBROMYALGIA and see how you get on with that pathway


  • It might be worth seeing both an Alexander Teacher and a McTimony chiropractor.

    Hope this helps.

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