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HEADACHE / MIGRAINE ALT TREATMENT (1st posted on FibroAction, copied

Hi everyone.I just found out on a research database that up to January 2015, a new more rigorous research advocates the use of Feverfew for headaches/Migraine. The research states that Feverfew decreases the occurrence of the pain by over 50 %!! Over a period of one month. Though it states that there was no reduction in the severity or duration of the pain. It was admittedly the most reliable research to Date. However it was still advocated that further studies be carried out, such as duplication of the study for example, so that unequivocal answers could be reached. Feverfew has been in the Herbalists arsenal for centuries if not millennia! No adverse effect was found - which we also knew about. Considering that there has pretty much always been guilds or school of speciality. And everyone did their own experiments and they all tallied them together like natives tribes still do today with herbal remedies. Western medecine believing itself tother far ahead ends up being one step behind! By their own admission of researcher effect! Afterall, our ancestors didn't map the stars with a thousands years calender for example by just getting high on frog juices! So you can tell your doctors now to do their research before they ban the use of Feverfew. This hopefully will help you with managing your mimigraines better. You can still take painkillers with it of course. Blessings.

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Not heard of the Feverfew cure!

I have suffered form migraines for 20+ years, Sodium Valproate helped quite a bit, but the best cure has been taking 300mg Magnesium per day! The Migraine Society are running a trial on this, but I take it in tablet form, no migraine for 2 months! However much reduced in the past 6 months, now weaning off Sodium Valproate!


Hi. Hope all goes wellbeing the weaning off. Feverfew is very good, I had tried it in the past. And a friend of mine who suffered from the worst migraine with beeing sick, ect got totally over it by adding Feverfew leaves to his daily sandwic! All the best.


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