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Hi everyone, it's been a little while since I posted here , so apologies for that. Some of you may remember my last post I was in hospitsl 5 weeks ago and had a tumour removed from my spine and was doing not bad until 2 weeks ago when I took a really bad bug and was back in hospital again, this has left me so weak and very little appetite, not sleeping well. I have been off work I'll since last May as I was in so much pain , initially being treated for sciatica and going through every medication available from my GP until I was in hospital for the full month of September last year and scams etc showed the tumour. I was eventually out on morphine , I am now off the morphine though and take dihydrocodeine if I need it. Anyway my problem is I havnt been out for almost 6 months and only then to go to hospital, yesterday I received a registered letter from my work asking me to go for a meeting tomorrow at 11.30 am, oh my goodness I have been panicking so much since then at the thought of going out , I phoned the work and was unable to speak to my manager so explained to her deputy my problem and she said she would let her know and she would call me back but I'm still waiting. I am so stressed at the thought of it amd feel so ill, I'm so close to tears and don't know what to do ..

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You poor ole thing! What a horrible experience for you! The thing is, you have had a very difficult time of things and have had expert treatment in hospitals so I'm sure your manager will be reasonable and hopefully sympathetic! I think they have to contact you to see how you are so all you have to do is tell him/her what you've written above. You'll be fine. Try not to worry. How do you feel about work? Are you still in too much pain to get about or are you just nervous to leave the house? Try not to worry. I'm sure your GP will support you with the workplace people. Best wishes 😜👍❤️


Are you in a union? If so important you contact them NOW and take advice


Thank you both for your replies, I have calmed down a bit now and have phoned again today to speak to myanager but she was out so don't quite know where to turn now. Boozybird im not in as much pain now just generally sore all over which im putting down to not being able to be as active as I am used to, I was a bit silly when I got home after spinal surgery and pretty much went straight back into the cleaning, cooking, washing , ironing etc as we mums do and setyself back and ended up back in hospital 2 weeks ago. I am nervous about going out which isn't o unlikee as I was always here there and everywhere, it's hard to deal with. Thanks again for your replies I really appreciate them , xx


Hi Mog, I'm sure after what you've been through it is completely normal to feel the way you do. When the body breaks down it is such a shock and it zaps your confidence. You probably just need some time to get your strength and confidence back. 👍😜


Go to the meeting with a tape recorder and record everything you may need the recording later. You are waiting for results from the consultant so you are not in a position to know what your health situation is.

Just tell them that you have asked the consultant to let you know as soon as possible. This should give you some breathing space.

Contact the local voluntary organisation in your area who specialise in benefits and employment law for advice as soon as possible.

Hope this helps


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