Hi all i have had to come off gabapentin and pregabalin because of the side effects and now going to try duloxetine and hopefully this will be the one that works/have no or little side effects, has anyone been or is taking them if so could you give me any advice that would help :) , had a very painful 2 weeks with lightning bolt pain down my legs,thighs and pelvis also feels like i have been kick in the arss , beginning to feel at a loss with this pain and how i can help myself now or in the future pinning my hopes that the pain clinic will help me manage my condition better as i am just about holding on to work, they say that there is very little they can do when it comes to surgery that would help or little in the way of physiotherapy so i am just wondering want/how they are going to help, has anyone been to the pain clinic if so have you any advice for me

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  • Hi I've been in the same position as yourself and came off predominantly pregabalin due to side effects after 6 months and have now been on Duloxetine for about the same time and I have gradually increased to 90mg with no side effects other than feeling quite tired. I go every 3 months to the pain clinic and about to start a 10 week pain management course, it was actually the pain clinic who pointed me in the direction if this site, they are very good. Good luck

  • Has the Duloxetine made any difference to the pain?

  • I would say the neuropathy in my foot is less frequent but when I do have flare ups they are still acute but don't last so long so are easier to manage and like the other reply I am less angry about my situation and more accepting which mood wise is great.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your situation. Very tough living with pain. I have been taking Duloxetine since last October. few side effects but nothing like pregab/Gabapentin. A headache for a few weeks which passes but it has relieved a very long standing low mood and anxiety. The pain is the same but my relationship with it has changed. I'm less upset about it. Just goes to show how entangled pain can get in our lives. I titrated up to 60mg per day over a couple of months. 😜

  • Watch out for the excessive sweating. I find the benefits outweigh the sweating so I just deal with it but I am aware it makes you very self conscious! You also have to think in advance how warm a place is going to be and then plan your outfit accordingly x

  • Hi I originally took duloxetine for depression. I am on 1800 gabapentin per day and 40 duloxetine this is to help with pain due to MS. I don't have many side effects...mostly weight gain. I have been to chronic pain clinic twice but have not found them particularly helpful. The first tablets they prescribed were apparently not suitable for MS and I did not react that well to them. The second tablets palexia were fine at first but after about 10 days reacted very badly. Don't think I will keep my next appointment with them.

  • Duloxetine gave me heart palpitations and caused decrease in blood sodium levels. It may be implicated for urinary retention. I am trying to wean it off but got stuck with taking 30mg/d. It is one of those drugs that many people claim to have nightmarish withdrawal symptoms. I am trying to reduce the dose by pouring the contents of the capsule out a small bit at a time each day. But terrible symptoms are surfacing. May have to revert back the dosage to see if indeed these symptoms ease up. You can try it for the shortest period of time as possible. If you get a satisfactory response, it would be great. If not wean it off gradually. The longer you stay on it the harder you would be able to quit.

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