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What are these lumps?

I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced several lumps, just below the skin, but which are very tender (and sore) to touch, they appear all around the stomach abdomen areas..

Any help, advice would be appreciated..

P.S... I have seen my doctor, and she thinks I may have gallstones, but would these affect the left side of your body as well as where the gallbladder is?

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I think thats really something you will have to ask your GP, and get them to actually examine you and feel them for themselves.


Hi earthwitch, I have seen my gp, who seems to be sure it is gallbladder related, even though the actual lump(s) are on my left side too. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced these.


hello chelle1

well i have experience gall stones but never jut under the skin as you describe. they are formed in the gall blader and when they move ane be horrendously painful. gall bladder is like a little string bag with a draaw string tie. when the stones are pushed up though the opening to be expelled that is when it hurts.

i would never suggest you gp has made a wrong diagosis but did she send you for a scan.

if it is gall stones you will certainly know about it.

be interested to hear what others say but meantime can you get a second opinion

pat x


Hi Paton, I am awaiting an appointment for an ultrasound scan, I just wondered if anyone else had experienced any similar lumps on the left side..


not to my knowledge but would be interested in what the san results are.



Well as a nurse, and a gall stone sufferer, I have never seen visible stones in any patient I have every nursed ! Are the lumps itchy? Mobile? a different colour to the surrounding skin? Has your Dr actually seen these lumps ? I am mystified !


Hi thiskittybites, no they aren't itchy, just very sore, they are static as if they are attached to some organ, my gp did have a look and has set her mind on it being gallstone related. I just find this odd, as some of them are on my left side?


My daughter had gallstones but you couldn't see any visible lump. My other daughter has ganglion cyst's they don't hurt her unless she bumps/ rubs them on something.

I too am a nurse and I have never seen gallstones show lumps through the skin surface.


Hi Chelle1, Honey I am not a doctor, but it sounds like you need a new one. I have several soft lumps under my skin ; in the lower back, groin area and lower abs. I live in pain daily. The doctor said that I have a few lipoma's and Radiculopathy

, plus DDD.

Is yours  hard or soft lumps? Could it be scar tissue? Part of mine is fatty deposits or they say, and lipoma. Please get a second opinon and keep me updated. I have already had my gallbadder remove, Novasure endometrial ablasion and then finally a total hysterectomy and I am STILL in pain. I want to find the solution to my problem too!  Good luck!!!!!!!


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