friday 13th

Seems it's not my day at all had a appointment with Gp today ran local taxi firm 35 minutes in advance of time and guess what it never came that's the 4 time I've had trouble booking taxis stop using the firm tried another same probes now I can't get appointment till 27th feb which is just after my hospital appointment had to ring up DWP tell time my sick note rang out the 9th Its bloody annoying that a person can't phone a driver to get to Address on time I stopped using buses as well as I got some abuse off a local lad swearing at me

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  • Thats awful. Ring your GP surgery and tell them exactly what you've put here and that by not turning up for your appointment was no fault of your own and you need another appointment A.S.A.P. tell them its important so if they cant give you an appointment quickly you will have to insist on the G.P coming to you. I bet they find a appointment slot lol. It works for me every time. As for the taxis let them know what problems they caused you by not turning up. Exaggerate your health so they feel as guilty as hell. Hopefully they will turn up next time. Don't put up with being walked over. If you want something you need to fight for it. Let me know how it goes and good luck.

  • I will ring again on Monday also I will have a go at the taxi firm when I spoke to them on Friday too say I missed appointment the phone went dead I'm having problems with my fingers and hands they are numb and hurting every time I bend them

  • Are you sure , you haven't a Voluntary car scheme in your area.? They can pick you up if you give them a few days notice ( pref a week) and it is reliable ( well in my area anyway) .

  • Just looked you have to be over 55 in this area why 55 I don't know I'm not old enough

  • That is so unfair. And in my view wrong. Can't think of anything to suggest. Except try the organiser of the car scheme direct and say all the problems you have with the Taxi firms not turning up and other Voluntary car schemes take people of all ages. But It may be they are short of voluntary drivers.

  • Life is unfair

    One little thing can change everything

    You can't trust anybody I've learned that in the past

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