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Whatever it takes

Sent to Sky News, BBC News ITV News Times Telegraph Guardian Express Mail Mirror and Sun Jeremy Hunt deliberately kept in the Dark Norman Lamb and Staff at the DoH have deliberately kept facts and figures

from Jeremy Hunt which could prevent 7 - 800 suicides a year and help nearly

half a million suffers of the Worlds most painful incurable condition and

that billions could be saved every year.

He has also failed to keep his word to go through the 7 steps in the

attached letter with MP Iain Stewart to see what could be done to help

sufferers. The letter has been in his possession since mid-august 2013. The

DoH have failed to reply to my first request and the FOI Act request below.

K A Scardifield

36 Farthing Grove


Milton Keynes


-----Original Message-----


Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:59 PM


Subject: Copy of your query : Norman Lamb and CRPS

Thank you for contacting the Department of Health. Please find a copy of

your query below.

Title : Mr

Forename : Kevin

Surname : Scardifield

Message :

As you have failed to reply to my request on 26/11/14 I now ask the

following questions of Mr Hunt under the FOI Act.

Has Mr Lamb made you are of the debate held on 9/7/2013. Has he made you

aware that at the end he said to me in front of 4 witnesses "if you send me

a list of suggestions I will go through them with your MP and see what can

be done to help sufferers. Has he made you aware of the letter he received

mid-august 2013, attached.

Has he made you aware that there are between 240 & 464,000 un/misdiagnosed

sufferers in the UK and that they cost the country between £ & 4.5 billion

pounds annually. Has he made you aware that the 7 steps asked to fight this

would only mean an annual increase in DOH spending of £500,000 and no

virtually no increase in the NHS budget.

Has he made you aware that he has no concept of Honour, Duty and a Man's

Word is his Bond and failed to hold discussions on my suggestions with Iain


In the Police Force Mr Lambs inaction would be neglect of duty, are you

prepared to launch an investigation into Mr Lambs fitness to be a Minister

of Health when he blatantly doesn't care about the people he is responsible


I have been asked to brief MP's and the press on CRPS and the Governments

refusal to do anything. Andy Burnham has been invited, does Mr Hunt wish to

attend as the person ultimately responsible to people with this condition

Files/attachments submitted

Mr Lamb.doc

CRPS Symptoms short version.doc

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Well done kevin keep fight going never give up what you believe in

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Best wishes Kev.


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