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Edge of left breast/Shoulder Blade/Ribcage Aches & Pains

I am a 19 year old female. I just recently started getting pains under my left breast, it's an annoying pain and then it moves to an ache in my left shoulder blade. The aches and pains last for about 30 minutes and then the ache travels to my shin on my left leg. While this is all happening I still get an uneasy feeling around my shoulder blade. Even without the pains I feel a bit of a tingling sensation on certain parts of my body. (ie. my hands, legs). I am very concerned about this from what I've looked up so far online, so I was wondering if I can get answers or advice on how to come about this. Thank you.

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First port of call is your GP. Lookin up dy,[ypnd on linr can give you a;; sprts of info but eeothout a proper diagnosis not a good odea.

Good Luck and hope he can help

Pat x


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