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It's been 8 months since my second op- removal of fallopian tubes, extensive adhesions to pelvis, bowel & colon, due to acute PID apparently ?

Still suffering and further investigations/treatment continuing, for adenymosis and endometriosis, but on Sunday night, I was just changing my bed sheets, when the dreaded intense pain came again :(

The worrying thing is, all around my scar tissue began to burn and throb and just to touch felt burning sensations, then I began to burn up and started to pass out, when i came round I was sick

(something whats always happened but not the sensitive scar? -Last time i had this I was 6 weeks post-op and it turned into infection which turned into abscess)

Back to doctors again, who examined me and told me something is going on and my temperature was high, gave me more antibiotic advised me go back to surgeon (which i'm doing next Monday)

just so worried what's going on in their, no one seems to offer information or advice and im getting fed up of constant pain,

Any advice please or what this could be still ?

Im still suffering daily also have rheumatologist appointment for poss Fibromyalgia

see symptoms below

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It seems like your really not doing well at the moment and your doctor isn't helping you as much as he should be.

If your still feeling terrible in the morning I think you should go to emergency and lay it on thick and don't leave until you find out what's really going on with your health and the pain and everything .

Good luck

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Thank you chawner, it does feel like noone is listening or giving me correct info when they do find things, my doctor is lovely very sympathetic, but doesn't seem to be listening either , all she says is its all about recovery from my operation but my symptoms are creeping back, I am going back to my consultant Monday but dreading the outcome :(


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