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Drs appointment today about buttock pain

Saw GP today about my buttock pain he pressed lower back and asked a few questions and concluded it to be arthritis of the back, ( which is not a common thing, apparently). I now have to wait to see consultant on 28th August and an appointment for the pain clinic. I am also getting spasms in my back if I stretch or twist and he said this was all connected.

When I asked about an x-Ray he said it would probably only show wear and tear and that this would be done if I continue experiencing pain in the future. I think he is being a bit cautious and leaving it all to the rheumatologist. I am a bit of a problem as I can't take strong pain meds. and he is a bit restricted as to what more he can do.

Will let you know what consultant says next week.

Thanks for all you help.


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Ideally you should have an MRI to see what's going on as he is only guessing the problem which could make things worse down the line.


Thanks for your reply, will ask consultant next week abou this.



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