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Looking at the stars

Here's a wee quest for you.

All you have to do is look at the stars. You might feel silly, you might wonder why or if you are doing it right. That's fine, just look at the stars and let these thoughts happen, don't pay any attention to them, just let them drift away . Do your breathing exercises, feel the air coming into your lungs and feel your lungs being emptied. Not essential, but I got in the habit of breathing before doing something so my brain knows to concentrate. In time, your thoughts will settle down and become focused. At some point you will realise the answer. Some may reach it in 1 or 2 sessions others will take longer. But you will all get there.

Please comment anything you discover when doing this. Enjoy the relaxation too.

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Hi Zanna thanks for this. Sounds very relaxing and I will definitely try it.



Corse there could be a thread I have missed.


I thought the answer was 42.

I am attracted to the idea of star gazing though while doing the breathing exercises.

I have never thought of it.

looking for an answer though might finally wobble me off me post.

Sorry realising the answer while star gazing pushed my humour button.

No disrespect intended.


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Humour welcome :)

I don't want to give too much away as it has to be discovered by the self.


Ned me old mate, "distraction" is a great way to get your mind off pain, (well some pains, I suppose, depending on severity) and I'm a great believer in it, and looking at the stars brings out (well in me anyway) "wonder", as nothing makes you wonder more than stars, I went star gazing more than once but went off it when some guy approached me and offered me his telescope, only to realise that he had more on his mind than star gazing, everyone to his own I say, but seriously you do meet a strange lot if you go to certain places where the light is not a factor I can't get up if I have to lye on the grass (well I can, but it's taking a risk) and I like to go on my own , but you can do it in your own back garden if you have one Ned ? How are you mate ? fighting the good fight.


for most people they cannot see the stars due to light pollution, where i live i do not use any lights at night time as i can see clearly in any place in my bungalow and that is with the blinds drawn but the breathing exercise may help with calming people.

regards Poppy Ann.


It's an exercise of discovery. The breathing helps calm you if you feel you are unsure about what you are doing. Those with pollution can look at pictures of stars and galaxies.


That all makes sense to me zanna,do the relaxation breathing anyway and i can see the stars very clearly out any window or just go outside my front door,tonight i shall be doing this,need something to focus on atm like us all on this helpfull and friendly site i am having the worst time ever with no pain relief sleep now cant eat,anyway enough about me and pain,i will breath and star gaze tonight..wish you well.



This sounds like meditation of sorts. Very similar to looking at a candle which a lot of hindus practice.


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