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Spinal cored stimulator trial. Wow. What an invention!

I got home from hospital the other day after spending a week with a wire coming out of my back.

Before it was removed it was amazing! I have back, vest and leg pain. The stim could only help my leg but it normally is about 7/10 with the stim it was down to 3-4. I can't wait to get the full implant in a few months. The only downside was a nick to the epidura. The "film" that holds the csf fluid in place. It caused an intense headache that I have never experienced in before in my life. This was resolved by a spinal blood patch that eased it almost strait away.

I would still say if you need one and get the chance to have one then do it. I don't know who came up with the idea of stims but thank you who ever you are!

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Really pleased you have found something that is going to help youg good luck with the full implant it will make such an improvement to your quality of life


I have agreed to also get the stimulater thanks for the info. Now I am not afraid.


Sounds wonderful ! Hope you continue to benefit ! Which hospital does this procedure & how did you find out about it ?


How does it do what it does? Do you have a link you can share to any info? Thanks x


Hi, thanks for that. I wanted to let you know that they do work. I had mine put in at the Walton Centre. You can google it but here is one link that helped me.

Good luck to all who might get it. I also had Dr Ganti. He is great with a great bedside mannor.


Fantastic news I am so happy for you.


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