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Man in a Sun hat is off up the motorway on a jolly so I decide to indulge in a bit of morning tv.

At 9.30 I am riveted to of all things football. To be precise a marvellous film of the 1986 World Cup.

I am enchanted. There are lots of crowd shots intermingled with fast and slow footage. Illustrating beautiful bodies engaged in a sort of dance with fowl play in spades. Its an eye opener to the uninitiated. The background music complementing the whole thing perfectly.

But what is so inspiring is the Argentinian commentator. Victor Hugo Morales.

He is so full of passion and enthusiasm it matters not a jot that I cannot understand one word. He even infuses me with joy and energy. Which takes some doing in the matter of Football.

It got me thinking about the people that you come across who have a similar effect. They throw their pebbles in your pond and the ripples can be felt for hours afterwards. Carrying you along by the most uninspiring of subjects. Be induced to go along with the maddest of ideas and are cheered on when down. Hands shoot out to support and help. And as they their share their energetic bubbly personality there is a power to leave optimism and cheer in their wake. Helping you up when you can no longer bounce the ball and are flat on your back physically and emotionally.

So I am sending up a shower of thanks for the many people who have touched my life.

God knows where I would be with out them. And one in particular helped me flutter back up on my perch recently. Thank you Jack.

The video link isn't from the BBC programme. That truly was a reason to pat Auntie on the back.

And the extra link is Moales ripples inspiring on. I do like a bit of dance. Tis the video.

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Yes, optimism and positivity lasts a long while. Conversely, negativity is now more difficult to run away from and dodge their de energising ripples.


You are so right about negativity being de energising.

The ripples seem to be weighted sometimes heavy enough to flatten a spirit.



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