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Participants needed: study regarding smartphone apps & chronic pain self-management


Hi everyone,

I am looking to recruit participants for my dissertation project for my MSc Health Psychology course at Middlesex University (London). I am looking for people who live with chronic pain (pain experienced for more than 3 months) to use a freely available smartphone application called 'WebMD Pain Coach' for 1 to 2 weeks and then talk to me about their experiences for around an hour. All you need is your own smartphone (Apple or Android)! I’m afraid those currently undergoing, or have in the past 3 months experienced, active medical treatment are unable to take part so as not to interfere with any ongoing treatment.

If you are interested in taking part and would like further information please email me at: and I will get back to you.

Many thanks,

Carolynn Greene

EDIT: My data collection is now complete and I am no longer seeking participants - many thanks to those who contacted me, it is much appreciated! 18/11/2014

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Hi..CG695...I've had pain on off since was 23.. Now 38.. Only after my spine operation 3 year ago and the pain really was there always my doctor told me I had chronic pain....even pain clinics fobbed me off at my wits end now..depression kicking in xx

I would love to take part:)

I had a spinal chord stimulator,fitted 5 months ago,but still have chronic pain,and have had for the last 35yrs

louiseamos - sorry to hear about your back problems, this forum seems to have so much useful information I hope you find something that might help you progress :)

Many thanks to those who have already contact me regarding the study! I'm still recruiting so do get in touch if you are interested. Best wishes, Carolynn.

Hi I've had chronic back and leg pain for 27 years.would be interested in tacking part.

CG695 in reply to nettes

Hi, thanks for posting - if you drop me an email at then I can send you more information about it. Best wishes, Carolynn.

Hello Caroline. I've tried your email but it gets bounced back. Im interested in your study.

My email is if you want to contact me

Dee James

CG695 in reply to deejames

Hi Dee,

Thanks for your message - I'm sorry your email bounced back, I checked and my account is working so I'm not sure why that happened.

I have completed the data collection for my dissertation now so I'm no longer looking for participants. If you wanted to try an app the one I looked at was called Web MD Pain Coach and is free to download for Apple and Android users.

Best wishes,


PS. Many thanks to those who got in touch about the study - it is much appreciated!

deejames in reply to CG695


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