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Anyone been successful in applying for PIP (personal independence payment) with similar symptoms to me?

I need help with cooking, can't open cans or jars, hold pans with anything in, drain pans, carry more than one plate, peel or cut up vegetables, or cut my own food if it's something like a baked potato. I need help to wash my hair. I can't walk any distance without pain. My feet are so painful all the time. I can walk 200m but it's very painful and I don't do it. My feet, knees, one wrist, one thumb and both hands hurt all the time. I work full time at a desk job so this isn't a problem, except when I have to drive, or go by train to meetings in London which usually involves a lot of walking (very painfully). So does anyone have experience of applying for PIP successfully with similar symptoms? Thanks

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Hello rowantree - been a long time since I said much!

I presume you aren't already claiming DLA or PIP?

There are some excellent sites that will gove you a list of the questions on the application form and how many points you can score Unfortunately I can't do links but google PIP questions, or ctiteria something will come up.

Under the new rules of PIP there are only 2 rates for care. You need to score 8 for the standard rate and 15 for enhanced rate. This inclludes personal care, cooking wtc. The mobility part only has 2 questions with again the same points system.To get the enhaced rate and possible mobility car you need to be unable to walk more than 20yds. This has been hugely controversial by DWP changing these riles.

However DWP now say you mist be able to do these tasks - repeatedly, safely and in a timely manner. So that is encouraging for us.

It sounds like you would qualift for PIP but be warned. There is a hige backlog of applications as the assessors dodnt realise the while assessment and writing reort would take 2 hrs instead of alloted 1hrs.The backlog now stands at several months although if you are awarded the allowance it is back dated to when you applied.

And the best of british to you!

Hope this is of some help.

Pat x


Thanks. That is encouraging


Hi Rowantree,

if you are a member of Facebook there is a great site that helps with filling in all the forms it is at:-

if you put down that you can walk 200 m then they will not give you anything for mobility plus if you put down that you can cook food for just yourself then you loose out on help in the home, put in for a new claim and fill it out for your worst day, i made the same mistake and told them that i have different days that for 60% of the time i cannot even get out of bed never mind try to cook anything and they just gave me the lowest for help in the home but nothing for mobility even though i cannot even stand up as i put down that on a good day i can only walk around 50 to 75 yards before it is to painful to stand up i have been trying to get a new claim pack but it has been over 4 months now and still i have not received one i contact them every week to let them know i have not given up.

good luck with your claim i hope you get something from them.

regards Poppy Ann.


This is the kind of difficulties pip looks at. Being unable to cook a simple meal with fresh ingredients and normal cooking equipment would likely give you points as will needing help with basic hygiene. It is certainly worth a try - nothing is guaranteed of course. Be very detailed especially if explaining - why you can manage your job but not cook a meal for example- and if pain or discomfort is present at outset say so. You can still be eligible if you work. It is a new benefit and lots of teething troubles. It is impossible to compare one persons claim to another - you would need exact same probs and the same assessor! There are great sources of help - several charities do great info booklets explaining how to put your situation across. So if a question says - can you ? And you 'can' in theory but the pain is awful before you try - you worsen by doing so - it would take you ages if you did - or it wouldn't be safe - or you couldn't attempt it again for however long etc you would tick ' no'! ( I'm simplifying there are usually multiple levels to choose.) So it's important to be truthful but look at it the way the assessor is - which is not always obvious! There is a site called 'benefits and work' who specialize in helping with this - there is a subscription fee but they are highly recommended by many. It's a minefield but worth a try!


Hi, are fantastic, can't recomend them enough. have you tried getting your self an advocate, someone who specialises in helping fill out PIP forms would be beneficial, but it depends were you live. There are free advocacy services they are snowed under but worth a try. PIP is not means tested so the fact that you work will not matter. As alreafdy stated in one of the other replies, you need to fill it out using your worst case scenario symptoms, this is not dishonest it is need to be able to function as best as possible on your bad days as well as good. Filling out these forms is a minefield, you need to be scrupulously honest and be very careful not to 'contradict' your self. It's so easy to do when ill because every one has different symptoms and it's so difficult to explain the complexities of a life in pain. You might try

who helped me. they are not confined to Littlehampton they will travel. Given a choice I would choose the Benefits and Work service above an advocate, but using both would be best. good luck.Heather


me too. you have to pay to join (it was £20 ish) but was worth every penny! they also have helpful info on:-

applying for esa;

how to appeal; and

what happens at an appeal or medical.


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