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I had my seminal fluid culture test and the doctor told me i have few Enterococci. I am feeling pain on my lower abdomen and

I have acute bacterial prostatitis previously. I feel my left arm is weak and needle pain in my pubic area. He did not give any antibiotic. Can i take cranberry capsule or saw palmetto capsule. I dont have fever but I am worried for this bacteria. Please help

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If your condition is Bacterial you will need some antibiotics to clear the condition, they also prescribe low dose of some antidepressive medications such as Amyryptalene to reduce the pain associated with the condition.

Sadly I am not a GP so you will need to see the GP who may give Alpha Blockers to control your condition

If you want further information please visit NHS Choices web site, there is a good section on this condition also other prostrate problems

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Now I am taking azithromycin antibiotic and my stomach is burning. Can I take omeprazole to conter the stomach cramps?


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