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Wombling Along

Wombling Along

This week I have been given a foot warmer and massager jobbie a coupon for money off which I immediately give to George for his mum. Some freshly laid eggs, a flea that quickly gets dispatched, a bit of a shock when I look down to find a live chicken in a box at my feet in the kitchen. Coffee and cake along with inspiration for jazzing up a window box with golden thyme an invitation to lunch, the promise of grandchildren coming over latter. And now a book of postage stamps has just fallen out of a card that Mr Postie has delivered containing the words "Be the change that you want to see in the world". So my mission for the week is to litter pick by the swings it will take all week given the litter and the sodding shoulder. Only small I know but you have to start somewhere. And it's only Tuesday.

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Wow what a start to the week?

Did the fresh eggs come from the chicken in the box?

If you are collecting strays I have a few lurking around the house, a rabbit that meandered into my bedroom in the summer and has never left and a cat now 8 who joined us as a pre weaned kitten found clinging to a hay bale. Now daughter is sending me links of sad dogs with big eyes and reminding me we have a spare room.

Hope the litter picking is not to tough on the shoulder and thanks once again for making me smile.

nutty x


hey imagine my surprise to see this and seconds before feeling so sorry for myself!! Now I'm crying I 'm in soooo much pain from surgery and this made me smile and no I've got no blasted idea what you poms are talking about in this post...oh well! Thank you! !♡


Don't worry joolz - nedd writes very entertaining stream of consciousness posts which even Poms have to take their time with!


Hi gang

The eggs were not from the poorly chicken but from her sisters in barns. On no account follow links to dogs with sad eyes you will be unable to sleep for haunting guilt. Or be over run as you will be unable to choose Nutty. I have had several feral kittens from farmer Rex and the current resident is pestering for food as I write. I once came home with a dog from a supper market trip. His name was Sam and he lived with us happily for years and cost me an arm and a leg in Vets bills.

I hope you are having a better day Joolzz and that the the surgery went well.

Calceolaria if you think my mind if a butterfly you should have seen the random way that I attacked the Allotment. All the old chaps used to stop by with advice and goodies.

My transitions are there the are just invisible.




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