Hi everyone

Although I am a member due to chronic arthritic pain I do not come on this site very often, but am most pleased to see this site has become more active in recent months as the email alerts on my mail site show. I still have constant pain and have just had my painkillers increased if needs be. Hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy new year to you all.

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  • Hello katie

    The site always likes people who gains support and information on site, Welcome to Pain Concern.

    Do not be a stranger


  • May your pain killers bless you with many good days.

    Tis bloody hard work being in constant pain. It is a miracle we have the energy to bat the ball with each other.

    Drop in again.


  • ^Thanks for the replies, usually I cope with the pain quite well having had it for over twenty years now, until it flares up or I get another pain. Must be my age making it worse anyway enough of my sorrows sure there are others on here with far worse pain best wishes everyone

  • I'm the same. A member due to chronic Psoriatic Arthritis pain and other autoimmune diseases. I usually just read the posts that interest me and don't comment all that often. But yes, the site is quite interesting. Happy Holidays to all.

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