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qwik fun qwiz [maybe for the over 40's] - plus answers

please don't post the answers, you can mark your own later in the week.

1. who found herself in wonderland?

2. who were the twins?

3. who was Pinocchio's dad?

4. name the 2 villages near to Chigley.

5. name snow white's dwarves.

6. what time was crackerjack on?

7. who regularly visited his local fancy dress shop?

8. who did barney magrew work for?

9. name his work mates.

10. where did the soldier boys live?

11. name lilo's friend.

12. where is the little mermaid's statue?

13. where can you find peter pan's statue?

14. where was peter pan's shadow?

15. which newsreader showed off her legs on morecambe & wise?

16. who first presented newsround?

17. name 3 of phillip schofield's main co-presenters on any programme.

18. name santa's reindeers.

19. what do you call a reindeer without any eyes?

20. what do you call a fish without any eyes?

enjoy :D


2)Tweedledee & Tweedledum


4)Trumpton & Camberwick Green

5)Dopey, Doc, Bashful. Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy & Happy

6)Friday @ 5 O'clock [will accept 5 to 5]

7)Mr Benn

8)Trumpton Fire Dept

9)Pugh, Pugh, Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb

10)Pippin Fort



13)Kensington Gardens and/or Sefton Park, Liverpool

14)he doesn't have one

15)Angela Rippon

16)John Craven

17)Holly Willoughby. Fern Britton & Gordon the gopher

18),Dasher & Dancer, Prancer & Vixen, Cupid, & Comet and Donner & Blitzen Iwill also accept Rudolph

19)No idea (No eye deer)

20) Fsh pronounced fssssshhhh

thanks for playing :D

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any one want to pm me their answers?


Happy Christmas.

Nice idea.

But the only answers I knew were the Alice ones.

Possibly because I too live down that rabbit hole.

But am planning to clamber out for a bit latter.

Enjoy the day.

God bless

X Nedd x