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How can I ease the severe tension I've had in the upper back/neck and shoulders for at least 3 day's now?

I have had severe lower back problems for year's now and see a chiropractor when I can afford too lol.. but I just can't relieve the tension or pressure that's caused me HEAD aches and hunched shoulders to the point of having to keep bent over while I get up.. my partner had to help me turn in bed during the night and I've not improved with moving around either.. any idea's? Thanx :) x

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Hello Bob Here

You are saying you have lower back problems

Also you are having problems with your neck and shoulder area, these cause you headaches.

You say you have manipulation from a chiropractor

Have you been to your GP what was His diagnosis. what medications are you taking.??.

Sorry to ask these questions, although they would give an idea on what has been going on over the period of your condition(s) ,I suffered neck problems before I was properly diagnosed,treatments were manipulation twenty five years ago. Thickening of C2-C3 were diagnosed possibly caused by a car accident and a form of RA, my treatments lasted for about three years,they also gave treatment to middle back. The Doctors and Specialist said the thickening of the bone structure was possibly causing soreness and stiffness, this was not confirmed, Although I will leave that with you.

I would advise for you to see your GP,to discuss the problems you have.

With regards the lumber region and neck shoulder area of course you may have the showings of RA that is why I would suggest you visit your Doctor, XRAYS and Scans can be arranged to check what is going on. If you have done this fair enough.

With regards to your problems I feel you are walking with a stoop this will be putting stress on the neck, shoulder and middle lower spine. This will increase the stress on spine and neck,

Posture can be bad .if the bed is old or it fails to give support to ,the neck should be supported by the pillow, with the head crown slightly lower than the neck. Feet should be elevated slightly this will support knees.

When sitting at night the body should not slouch on seatee or chair, your knees need to bend on the nose of the seat, your feet should rest flat on floor. The back of the seat should be straight and comfortable. You can also purchase recliner seats that should be checked for comfort.

When walking the spine is not straight if you are leaning forward this will effect the balance on the neck and shoulders,

The neck should be lifted and pushed back also the shoulders should be pushed back as well, the buttocks should also be pushed to a more natural position.There are books available explaining posture,although a physio will assist.

The reason why I have tried to explain this is because a great deal of stresses and strains are caused by poor posture,I have chronic conditions that would be worse if my posture was wrong.

Whatever I have addressed here talk to your GP or Specialist, they are the people who will keep you right I give support

and suggestions, they are nothing more.

Good luck



I have chronic shoulder pain which causes head and face pain.Physio is sorting it out slowly, although it doesn't take much to knock it all back again. I'm paying privately for physio at the moment, but why don't you try asking your GP if you can get some on the NHS? I got a few sessions like this a couple of years ago, and it was just enough to get my shoulders moving again.

I think this time of year is bad for shoulders - the cold weather seems to make people hunch up in coats and scarves, not to mention spending hours carrying Christmas shopping about. You can get stick-on heat pads from supermarkets and pharmacies that give out heat for 8-12 hours, so these are great for soothing the pain all day. Alternatively, a heat pack that goes in the microwave is useful if at home. A warm bath or shower is also good.

I find that exercise can help a lot. This might sound crazy if you've got back pain, but for me, sitting still or lying in bed is the worst thing I can do. Again, a physio can advise on what's safe, and it doesn't have to be a full workout at the gym, just some basic movements so you're not hunching up can stand up better will do the job.


Sorry to hear about your upper back pain. I would agree that an MRI scan or at least an x ray needs to be done to find out what is going on. However in the meantime try with getting your partner to rub on Voltarol (available from chemists or supermarket) on the effected part, and apply heat onto it when you can, as other people have suggested. If the upper back feels very hot to touch though, try some cold on it for 10 minutes and then later put on heat. A good physio can usually sort out what is going on, but it does sound like you need to talk to your doctor as well and maybe sort out medications by mouth. Gentle movement generally helps most back pain but if you have hurt your neck somehow,(in a car or bus?) you may get relief from a neck brace for a little while.

Good luck; hope it eases soon.


Try lying on the floor with the head resting on a book of appropriate thickness. Bend your knees so that your feet rest on the floor. With your eyes looking at the ceiling let the eyes wander around. Work at not staring.

Hope this helps.

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Hiya everyone and thank you soooo much for your very helpful and lovely responses to my question several day's ago... I don't know where to start .... I'm still in pain now with both lower and the upper part of my back BUT half of this is my own fault... I have spent alot of money at the chiropractors over the years but never really maintained the progress for different reasons and now I'm paying for it!! My doctor's have never been there for me really and I've come to terms with the fact that I've had high blood pressure for nearly 2 year's now and not been checked up on ONCE, I have turned to them for some extremely difficult issue's but they dismiss me every time.. now I just order any medicine's needed over the phone and seem to get it. .. I Will have to add more to my profile because there's some unusual thing's I have been through and self helped myself out of ...:) like csp.. compulsive skin picking.. which started my bad back pain in the first place!.. I will do everything suggested by everyone who replied and thank you all again! :) hot and cold pack's are good too.. and I believe yoga is my next challenge.. when this trapped nerve releases of course lol.. :( :) xx P S a very dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia!!!! My heart goes out to her and the 1000s and 1000s of other sufferers everywhere!! Compared to there symptoms and pain levels.. I think I will count my blessings abit more than before!! .. My intentions are to get my friend joined up here for her own information and support as she comes to terms with everything.. :( bye bye fer now xxxxx


Still in alot of pain and stiffness! Nhs no help and the doctor just gives me co codamol over the phone when I call the surgery!.. blood pressure tablets and 40mg of fluoxatine, yet still struggle to just not always have issues to cope with!! If it's not back pain it's stress or anxiety, if it's not world war 3 with the ex it's.. WORLD war infinity somewhere else!.ive lived in my bedroom for year's now with some sort of pain!! I think I may give yoga and Pilates a go?!.. it's meant to be next best thing to a chiropractor!?!? lol.... :/ x


Try pulling your shoulder back, turning your head to the opposite side, then down


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